Quail House

Redefining Senior Care in Henderson

What does a former championship ice skater, Blue Man Group Performer, and a long-term care insurance agent have in common? It might seem like they have nothing in common but they do. They all care about the quality of senior care. It turns out, it's how three people are changing the meaning of assisted living. Justin Knorr, the once ice king and Nick Kittle, the man in blue, decided to do something about the industry.
Carolyn Matthews, the aforementioned former insurance agent, say's it quite simply. "We have each had personal experiences that made us want to create a whole new possibility around how assisted living care was offered here in the area."
With the brand new Quail House, they've accomplished that and more! They have set a new standard
for assisted living with the beautiful 7000 plus square foot home situated in a park-like setting with a
Pool and BBQ area. This house isn't what you would expect when you hear the words assisted living. Real comfort and attention are paid to each resident, making it feel like a vacation. Their goal was to combine the best of both worlds. Drawing from both large and small facilities, the Partners designed the home to provide concierge services at an all-inclusive price to residents while also having the activities and grounds of a larger facility. To put it simply? The Quail house is a real home for every resident, and with a vast range of both activities and amenities, what they created was a genuinely new way of caring for those in need of assisted living. As you tour the home, you can see the quality craftmanship starting with the spacious entryway. Exotic hardwood floors, large glass murals, and a grand piano greet you as you walk in. With ten private rooms, each with their ensuite bathroom sets the tone of personal privacy.
In contrast, the chef in the kitchen/large dining room overlooking the expansive manicured back yard provides personalized meals for each resident in a warm and homey environment. It's not some cold prison that many retirement homes are like. It's living at home, a lovely home, where your loved one gets help with making sure their medications, food, and cleaning are taken care
of. Ms. Matthews explained how they thought out the design of the home "We wanted a home that was
comfortable to residents, without the small overcrowded feel. We had each looked at different types of
care and facilities around the world and found that homes between 10-16 residents in a single-family
The house got the best care, was socially the happiest. Statistically, the fall rate was 50% less than in a
large facility, so we went with a proven Scandinavian model with a mix of American ingenuity." What she means by that, is that residents thrive because they are getting the care they need, with the just-right amount of socialization, and something they call the 'secret sauce' of purpose.
"We had given ourselves research assignments to go get educated on what is and is not working in the industry worldwide. We came back to the table intending to provide the best possible care in the best interest of the resident, not the facility owner. We discovered some great places to emulate, and always improve upon. We got certified in different methods and philosophies of care. Still, most of all, we designed something that
we would have wanted for our family members with a caring culture that also respected the care
providers, as well." What they ended up with was Quail Assisted Living Home. A unique and perfect mix of big and
small. Everyone says you must see it because there is nothing like it in the Vegas Metropolitan area. Luckily, they do give free public tours for the benefit of educating the public on the new industry standard. To RSVP for an upcoming public tour or to make an appointment to privately speak with their
Senior Life Style Specialist call (702)701-8793. You can find out more about The Quail House at

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