Zion National Park

Nearby Hiking Trails

Zion National Park has many breathtaking hiking locations that are not too far out from our own little town. Absolutely nothing is better than getting in touch with nature for a while and going back to your roots. I can recommend no other place, especially so close to us, than Zion National Park. Located in Southwest Utah, Zion is a close drive to take a load off and get away from all the hustle and bustle of the city. There is always something fresh to do at Zion. Sounds like a paradise to me! How can anyone ever leave? Well, there are even places to stay overnight if you aren't yet ready to go back to your city life.

Campgrounds with spectacular grounds are always open for a fun adventure. Or if you're not feeling like roughing it, you can stay at one of Zion's luxurious hotels. There are hikes, kayaking routes and trails winding throughout the entire 229.1-square-mile, 100-year-old national park that on average boasts 4.3 million visitors each year. One of my favorite trails is the Narrows. The Narrows, like the name would suggest, features one of the narrowest sections of the Zion canyon. This trail is spectacular as it takes you through the canyon and across the Virgin River. You will get your feet wet, so bring sturdy shoes!

If you're looking for a trail with a little more challenge, try Angel's Landing. This trail takes you a bit higher than the Narrows, so there are some fantastic views. What better scenes can you get than hanging onto a chain bolted to a cliff? Gaining elevation quite rapidly on small rocks makes you grateful for the chain to hold onto. It's not a particularly long hike, but it's certainly one you will remember.

Finally, if these last two trails sound a little much for you, explore Court of the Patriarchs, one of four short trails accessible by a tour shuttle. It's only a 2- to 5-minute hike, but the views certainly make up for a short time. These are just a few of the best places to go to when traveling to Zion. Fresh air, the wonders of nature and one heck of a hike are waiting for you. Book a hike today, and check it out for yourself. 

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