Guilty Pleasures

Marcie Smedley

Executive Director, Henderson Libraries

"My guilty pleasure is an iced pistachio rose latte from The Coffee Press in the Paseo Verde Library. It’s absolutely crave-worthy. There’s nothing better than getting away for an afternoon break, grabbing my latte, and taking a little walk to clear my head and reclaim a few minutes of the day for myself."

Debra March

Mayor of Henderson

“I don’t watch many reality television shows but am obsessed with watching HGTV’s Fixer Upper. The transformation that Chip and Joanna Gaines take these homes through is amazing. The final touches, such as monogrammed pottery, are so unique to each individual or family. I am a wannabe HGTV decorator.”

Rena McDonald, Esq.

McDonald Law Group, LLC

"My secret love is for desert adventuring. I love to go off-roading with my family. We take backroad trails to scout out new places. When we find an interesting spot, we hike, Geocache and explore. The desert is full of abandoned towns, beautiful animals and amazing vistas. It is a great way to unplug and enjoy each other. This is especially true as the seasons change and we get to spend more time outside in the fantastic weather. Our valley is full of wonderous adventures if you just take the time to find them."

Stuart Sobek


Las Vegas Concours d'Elegance

"My guilty pleasure is the peanut butter sandwich. I guess I never got over that childhood comfort food staple, and even still, I probably eat a couple a week. They are so quick and easy. Plus, with my job, I do a lot of traveling. I have found that the peanut butter sandwich is the perfect travel companion. It is relatively thin so it slides right into my briefcase amongst the files. Even if it gets crushed a bit, it's no problem. It will last in there all day and still come out tasting like when we were kids. It’s a fun tie back to simpler times."

Nick Lodhi

Publisher, Green Valley Lifestyle

"My guilty pleasure isn't some sweet treat or candied delight (although on occasion I'd be remiss if I said I didn't enjoy a good coconut macaroon). No, my guilty pleasure is extra hot spicy ramen. I love extra hot and spicy food in general, and ramen is pretty exceptional as well. But put them together, and you have something I could eat summer or winter! Honestly, any very hot and spicy pho, udon soup or ramen helps me get my fix. But Monta Ramen's spicy tonkotsu ramen is my favorite!"

Paige MacDonald

A Destination Travel, Nevada's Only Virtuoso Agency

"The kids are at a friend’s house, my husband is at a meeting, and it is just me and the animals. It’s the perfect time for my comfy pajamas, a cozy blanket, a bowl of warm popcorn, and a cat and dog on each side of me on the couch. I grab the remote and find the latest love story on Netflix. (Shhhh, I even have the Hallmark movie app!) Yes, I already know the boy and girl will end up together in the end, but I am still caught up in the romance."

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