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Grey Owl Mind-Body Studio shares their favorite family yoga poses to try at home

Grey Owl Mind-Body Studio in Johns Creek offers a variety of adult, kids and family classes including mat yoga, aerial yoga, qigong/tai chi, meditation, dance and family yoga. We asked them to share a few of their favorite poses.

Pose 1: Cat/Cow Kiss

This pose provides a spinal warm-up through rounding (cat pose), flat back (table top pose) and arching the back (cow pose). Stack wrists under shoulders and knees under hips.    

Pose 2: Down Dog Tunnel

Line up side by side in tabletop pose. Adjust your position so that you create a tunnel with your bodies and take turns crawling through the tunnel to the opposite side.  Reform the tunnel with each person going through, until you run out of room.

Pose 3: Buddy Back Bend

Both people are sitting on their heels (hero pose). Interlock elbows and take turns having one partner come into a forward fold in child’s pose while the other opens the front of their chest in a supported backbend.  

Pose 4: Double Boat

Begin seated facing your partner, place feet sole-to-sole and grab a hold of each other’s hands or use a strap to connect hands. Keeping tension in the hands and soles of feet touching, exhale and press feet into one another as you start to lift feet up until you feel a nice stretch in the arms and back of the legs.

Pose 5: Seesaw (with yoga strap)

Face your partner, spread legs out to a straddle or V shape so that you are able to touch soles of feet together, Sit up straight and either use a strap to connect hands or grab hands and alternate leaning backward (pulling) and forward (stretching).

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