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Letters to Our Mothers


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There are many things we all want to say to our mothers. Maybe you tell her every day that you love her; maybe you're waiting for the right moment, or the right words to let her know how you feel. Either way, there's no such thing as too much praise and appreciation, especially on Mother's Day, and what better way for her to cherish your sentiments than to put it down in writing.

These daughters' letters to their mothers — and one mother's letter to her daughters — showcase the special bonds and relationships we have with the women who brought us into this world.


The Influence of a Beautiful Mom

"One of the greatest things I have learned from watching you is the power of affection and sweet statements of affirmation. If I could only deliver the level of those that you so authentically do, I’d be a better human, however the growth I have experienced as a woman, wife, and mom in those areas is a major reflection of what I gained from being constantly in your presence and absorbing your strengths." Mindy Hargesheimer

A Letter to My Amazing Mom

"Growing up, you showed me how to care for others and how to always see the good in people. I hope to one day have people say things about me like they say about you. I always hear how kind and nice you are from others. You are always the first one to make soup, offer a shoulder or flowers to help out someone's day. You have shown me what it is to help one's you love and even strangers. Your love for others has always been something I look up to." Ali Jauregui

My Letter to Mom

"Thank you for making me the person I am today. I admire you in so many ways. You are the most kind, thoughtful, hard-working and talented human being I know and I’m lucky enough to call you my mama! Thanks for teaching me what life is all about; the important things like homemade recipes, making memories with family, and getting out in nature." —Courtney Sheber

My Letter to My Mom

Thank you for always inspiring me and encouraging me to do my best! You are my role model, best friend, and biggest supporter! Whenever there is doubt, you give me confidence and show me how to dream big. Words cannot express how much we love you! You are the best Mama (and Grandma) in the world! —Karen Kwong

My Finest Mother's Day Gifts

"Yes—I know. It's Mothers' Day, not Daughter's Day, so why am I writing you both this letter? The truth is I could never have had this 'role-of-a-lifetime' had I not been gifted with the blessed gift of the two of you. I have to tell you a little secret." —Susan Ginsberg

A Daughter's Love

"My Mother taught me the importance of self-care and how to succeed in life; whether she knew it or not, she set an example each day. I learned quickly if one has high standards for themselves, they have high standards in all aspects of life - work, passions, and relationships. Some of my fondest memories with the superwomen in my life are the simple things such as going shopping, getting our nails done, or even going for a coffee." —Radhika Patel

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