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Article by stacy conde

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What if you don't have a "Valentine?" What if this greeting card holiday isn't your thing? Skipping Feb. 14 isn't an option, but you can celebrate other things. Those things are all up to you. There are plenty of things to love. I'm choosing to focus my attention on these incredible artists and makers.

Kelsey Lu "Not In Love" - I often turn to this one for some at-home solo singing. Kelsey delivers an epic cover of 10cc's original 1975 version... and dare I say, it's infinitely sexier.

FKA Twigs "Don't Judge Me" - All hail the majesty that is FKA Twigs. Any descriptors that I start to type are immediately deleted because there are no words to adequately describe this queen. The movement and choreography, the art, the sounds, the voice, the BEATS. It's all too much in the most glorious way.

Makeba "Keebs" Rainey - Harlem-based artist Makeba "Keebs" Rainey brilliantly reimagines black and white portraits of historical and contemporary icons of Black culture. She layers vibrant African wax print graphics into backgrounds and wardrobe to give each subject a new look... and in doing so, she connects them back to the continent. The images have a quiet strength that we all need. Prints are available in her Etsy shop, along with a selection of commemorative glassware.

From L to R below: Angela Davis commemorative glass, Cicely Tyson print, the artist Makeba "Keebs" Rainey

Bephies Beauty Supply - Beth Birkett launched her streetwear brand Bephie in 2018; but it was the 2020 quarantine that paved the way for Bephies Beauty Supply, a marketplace for women of color and LGBTQ entrepreneurs. Bephies' embraces multicultural beauty, gender fluidity and new aging in cosmetics and personal care. The shop offers a rotating selection of clothing, accessories and beauty products. Don't sleep on the limited edition drops. They go fast and you'll wind up (like me) pining for something you can't get your hands on.

In honor of this year's Black History Month, Bephies designed a collection for Nordstrom's New Concepts Collection, which is available through May.

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