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Meet Avery Camera

Meet Avery Camera,  a busy senior at Alpharetta High School. For our wellness issue, we asked what keeps this Energizer bunny going!

AL: Are sports important to you?

AC: I have played competitive softball pretty much my entire life, including four years on varsity at my high school. While that keeps me occupied in the fall, I have been playing lacrosse in the spring for about four years now as well. I love keeping myself busy during school as a way to ease the stress it can have on me and have found that sports do this perfectly.

AL: What are your go-to healthy snacks to keep you fueled?

AC: I love to snack of any time of fruit or vegetable, but especially love apples, grapes, and carrots. They are easy to just grab and go if I find myself in a hurry which makes them all the better.

AL: What does your training schedule look?

AC: When I am in season, I really rely on my practices every day of the school week to keep me in shape, but do like to do light cardio on the weekends because it is a great way for me to get outside and keep in shape. When I am out of my high school season, I used to still participate in travel sports teams which are year-round, but now that I do not do that anymore, I try to run at least 3-4 times a week while incorporating some weights into my work outs. Also, I have found that training with friends makes it so much easier and a lot more fun in the off season.

AL: Work hard, play hard. How do you like to unwind?

AC: I love to read books or just hang out with my friends, but recently my favorite activity to unwind with is going for a long walk at my local park and listening to a podcast or music. I have found this to be very soothing, as well as an excellent way to get exercise while educating myself on whatever topic I choose for that day.

AL: Where, in Alpharetta do you like to hang out, shop, get carryout food from, buy gifts for friends (and yourself!).

AC: To hangout, my friends and I usually just pick one of our houses to meet up at because we do not mind just relaxing, watching movies, or playing cards. It is also a great way to save some money! If I am not shopping online, you could probably find me at the mall (specifically Aerie) or somewhere in Avalon either buying gifts for friends or myself, although I do not shop too often because I like to save money for larger purchases. As for food, my favorite spot is probably Chipotle because it is quick, easy, and delicious.

AL: Tell us about your family.

AC: Currently in my house, it is just my mom and dad, as well as my twin sister, Riley. I have two other sisters though; one is a sophomore at Georgia Southern University and the other is a senior at Florida State University. Also, with us at home are my two dogs, Oscar and Oliver, and two water frogs that Riley and I got for our third birthday.

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