How to Make a  DIY Kerplunk Yard Game


Article by Audrey Kuether

Photography by Audrey Kuether

Do you remember playing Kerplunk as a kid? Imagine how much fun a DIY Kerplunk yard game would be life-size.

Let’s get started! Gather your supplies.

Divide your dowel rids into 3-5 groups and spray paint them evenly on all sides.

I chose to do three different colors (turquoise, pink, yellow). Let dry.

Choose your desired circumference of your metal fencing. Ours is about 40″.

Roll out your metal fencing and with your wire cutters, cut a few inches longer than your desired circumference. You might want to wear gloves to prevent injury—I decided to brave it.

My fencing was tightly wound so after it was cut it curled up into my desired cylinder shape on its own.

Take your mini zip ties (or metal wire) and connect both ends of your fencing from top to bottom. My black zip ties stand out more than I’d like. You can use white ties or spray paint then to match your metal if it bothers you. 

TIP: A week after I made this game I sprayed the zip ties a silver color to blend in better.

Trim down all zip tie tails with your scissors.

Shape your fencing into a cylinder shape, and gather your dowel rods.

Randomly add in your rods. The more random and tangled up they can be, the better. 

Make sure the dowel rods are placed so that none of the balls will be able to fall through on their own.

Add in your plastic balls.

That’s it! Step back and admire your amazing DIY Kerplunk yard game and call up some friends to play!

What do you think? Will you be making your own life-size DIY Kerplunk yard game? I highly recommend it!

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