C Newland Designs: Bringing Home the Art of Design

There’s no place like home—especially when it comes to homes touched by the uber-talented Candice Newland, an intuitive designer who works with clients to create one-of-a-kind interior spaces that reflect their lifestyle with function and flair.

“I consider myself more of an artist than a designer,” says Newland, who views each project as a creative process, akin to giving birth, that is never repeated.

As an intuitive designer, “I'm able to identify the uniqueness of each client and I never do the same thing twice. Each person is unique in this world, and my job is to make their space a version of their greatness,” she says. Steering clear of "cookie-cutter" designs, Newland strives to “find the balance between inspiration and tranquility, which is truly the goal for the ultimate living space.” 

Drawing on her innate creativity and inner artist—discovered early on as she began sewing and learning about textures, fabric, patterns and colors at age 8—Newland landed her couture clothing line on Rodeo Drive and in nationwide boutiques at age 25 and segued her passion for creativity and style into interior design via her full-service C Newland Designs firm.

“Design and art tie together,” says Newland, noting that “creating something out of nothing” sparks her passion for designing one-of-a-kind homes. C Newland Designs serves the Southern California area, offering a full range of services, including design consult, furniture and accessories, custom window coverings, installation and remodeling.

The Process

Embarking on a creative journey to design and furnish their signature space, Newland leads clients through the steps of discovering their perfect environment.

“The first step is to get to know them,” she says. By “getting in tune with the client, I find out who they are and get to know their style.”

“I start by giving clients choices and then, based on their likes and dislikes, I learn very quickly how they resonate with specific aspects of design. This allows them to find their truth of choice. The process of finding out how my client really wants to express themselves through their home is especially important when they themselves may not know what they want,” says Newland. 

Talking with clients and learning their intentions inspires Newland to “figure out the function they need and give them something special that makes them want to come home.”

Striving to balance tranquility and inspiration, Newland draws on her intuition to create each client’s vision of their ultimate living space.

“I am very intuitive at giving clients something to elevate themselves. I’m giving them a gift—pulling down the universal flow” to show clients “this is who you are based on what you’re showing me,” says Newland, noting the need for creating the “wow factor”—an area that really stands out.

Working her magic to create “little moments” in the various rooms of their house, Newland helps clients come home to their inner selves, transforming their environment in a powerful way.

“If the energy isn’t right, it can just drag you down,” says Newland. “Transformation is the biggest healing factor in anyone’s life; I like to bring that to them. Giving that transformation can really change the whole energy in where they live; the bigger the transformation, the better, as healing, tranquil and balanced living space is key to living your best life.”

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Photo Descriptions/Sidebars

Dining Room

This bright yellow hand-painted accent wall features repeating patterns throughout. We added grey and white and a splash of blue velvet to balance the room.

Music Room

We wanted to design something to bring the family together in this den, which originally had a mix of things. I figured out they actually had a passion for music—and so we moved their music equipment from the garage into this room, and to this day, the family is actually using the space and the equipment. In line with their contemporary vibe, we painted this room purple and set up a TV with video games—they love it!.


In creating this blue bathroom, I started by putting a bunch of vanities in front of my client. I realized he really likes color and stark contrast. Building on his love of black, gray and blue colors and angular shapes, we installed hexagon floor tiles and diamond patterns in the shower to create linear movement. I introduced him to a blend of copper, pewter and vintage gold metallics that contrast the ceiling and tub. I was able to tie it all together for this unique bathroom experience. 

The bathroom features a double vanity with a luxury quartz countertop, two artisan sinks and a big stand-alone tub, all with waterfall faucets. Additionally, the walk-in glass shower with custom tile, gold hardware and an oversized rain showerhead rivals the other elements in this swanky bathroom. 


A marbled mirrored backsplash, black and white artisan luxury quartz countertop, and hexagon marble floor with bold-colored cabinets make this a memorable Retro Hollywood Reboot kitchen.

Billiard Room

This inviting room features deep blue walls with white accents balanced by dark wood floors to complement the purple and wood pool table. The round glass lights and triangle shape mimic the billiards and triangle next to the custom purple table top. 

Home Office

The green textured wallpaper really warmed this room. We chose it because we loved the color and its thin veneer, similar to a fine balsa wood that’s been die-cut and put on top of the copper paper to create that design. It’s exquisite. The client loves all the angular shapes and that fits his style. 


We stripped down the old terra cotta tile staircase and metal railing and had it painted black and white. Plum resonated as a connector color which took us into this custom hand-painted tile. Walking into that home, you see this striking staircase with teal, green, blue and plum—all the colors you are about to see in that house. It pulls everything together. The flow continues throughout the house using unique colors and textures that fit like an updated retro-contemporary puzzle. The staircase brought all the colors to one place, preparing the visitor for their experience ahead... Retro Hollywood Reboot!

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