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Design Equity Transforms Yesteryear Gems into Luxurious, Modern Coastal Homes

Lifestyle by design: it’s what drives Design Equity, Inc., and its founder and CEO, Abe Roy.

“It’s universally applicable,” Abe says of the application of design thinking to today’s world of lifestyles of homes. “Design is ubiquitous. Patterns occurring in nature affect our lives in more ways than we realize.”

Abe and his team began their journey with an experiment: can design principles used to build medical devices be applied to residential real estate? And can they help transform yesteryear gems into luxurious, modern homes? With a number of completions under their belt and highly encouraging feedback from consumers, the answer is an unequivocal “yes.”

“Design thinking is, after all, a disciplined approach to understanding how users interact with everyday objects—their homes, in this case—appreciating what problems need to be solved and finding solutions to them,” Abe says. “Our lifestyles have changed considerably; so should the design of our homes.”

With an emphasis on modern coastal living, Design Equity—an expert in the revitalization of mid-century homes that are no longer co-relatable to the demands of contemporary living—seeks opportunities to highlight the vintage charm of mid-century modern design while simultaneously updating spaces, features and details for today’s needs, all with a Pacific flair.

“Everything seems better when looking out into the ocean,” Abe says. “A Design Equity home has charm, awe-inspiring views and design to match today’s lifestyles. They are designed to make you feel refreshed, confident and in charge.”

Design Equity’s designers routinely work with the “Golden Ratio” and other time-tested approaches by greats like Da Vinci, Frank Lloyd Wright and even Apple, creating an immediate connection with naturally occurring objects and motions around us—all done in harmony with the neighborhood to ensure seamless entry and exit with the environment in which it’s created.

“The modern consumer appreciates simplicity, elegance, visibility and, crucially, convenience. Lives have gotten infinitely busier and more stressful over the last several decades,” Abe says. “Multitasking is the norm. You have to think of how mom will be fixing dinner in the kitchen—all while keeping an eye on her kids, tracking her favorite show on TV, responding to her text messages—and how that experience can be made enjoyable. The modern kitchen is not only a functional space; it’s a social space. Our designers develop empathy for our target consumer and how they will interact with the house; that’s the first and crucial step in the design that ensues.”

As design options are solidified, more of the team, including structural engineers, construction specialists, human factors experts and artists, collaborate to create the final product, creating virtual models that allow simulations to assess how residents will interact with the house.

And, unlike traditional remodelers, Design Equity is able to address those aspects in a much more involved way due to the scale of intervention in their projects, their holistic approach and their adamance that—from the high ceilings designed for optimism to the wall details for homey elegance and closet drawers for basic utility; from the infinite views upon entry to the way groceries will be carried through the door—every minute detail contributes to the overall living experience.

With growing demand, Design Equity has introduced NeueWave, a design and engineering arm of the business that will offer turnkey solutions to residential consumers.

“Homes we live in tell the story of who we are,” Abe says. “It gives us immense joy that our team can be a small part of telling that story.”

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