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Fat Pant’s Grand Opening

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In a time when you aren’t sure what to expect from most restaurants, there’s comfort in something familiar. That’s exactly what the owners of New Fat Pants Brewing want you to feel like when you visit – comfortable - like you were in your own living room.

Elizabeth Anderson, who co-owns Fat Pants with Don and Linda Anderson, understands the pleasure that feeling at home brings. The Andersons are life-long Eden Prairie resident and wanted to create something they felt was missing in the community. “My goal was to create a fun space where it would be easy to meet friends. Someplace where you could come as you are, and maybe have a bite to eat or something to drink that you wouldn’t find anywhere else”, says Elizabeth. With Fat Pants, she and her partners have hit a home run.

When the space just off Flying Cloud Drive and Prairie Center Drive became available, they jumped on it. There has been a lot of work to bring there vision to reality, as the space has been completely transformed into the City’s first taproom 

Joined by childhood friends other family members and Elizabeth’s fiancé, Joshua Schmidt,  the partners did much of the work themselves. Fat Pants believes in sustainability and re-cycled items such as the wood pallets that materials were delivered on. “Those pallets became some of our walls and part of a very cool looking bar”, says Josh. After almost six months of heavy renovation, the result is stunning. 

Building on the ‘living room’ theme, Elizabeth states, “We wanted comfortable seating, so along with tables there are couches and comfy spots to relax. Our fireplace is another touch that makes you feel at home.” A custom built booth holds a large family or sports team after a game or take a seat at the community style seating if you feel like getting to know your neighbor. 

“I don’t just want this to be a place you go to for dinner a few times a month,” Don says. “I want you to come grab a beer or meet friends at the bar, even if you’re not having dinner. I want you to use it as your living room, really.” 

If the ambiance is a hit, then the beer is the star. Fat Pants brews its own beer from Don’s personal  recipes created over years of home brewing practice. You’ll see unique names on the menu ranging from a light Cherry Whit beer called ‘Shirley’ to a dark, chocolate Milkshake Stout – and a range of options in between. Hard lemonade will be available for those who are only mild fans of beer.

“Part of our vision is to promote home brewing” explains Elizabeth. “We plan on having a monthly class or events to teach how it’s done. One of our 24 taps will be dedicated to a home brewing recipe on a round-robin basis, with the bulk of the profits from that tap going to a local charity.” 

Hand in hand with beer that you can only get at Fat Pants are some unique food options as well. Staying with the recycling theme, Fat Pants converted an abandoned food truck into a kitchen. You read that correctly. Elizabeth states, “Food trucks and taprooms go hand in hand – so we literally combined the two.” 

Think that’s unique? Try the Squrds – a square cheese curd. “We wanted to be playful with our food” tells Linda. “Our style is what we call elevated American Pub food, where the presentation is simple but the ingredients are high-end.” Fat Pants uses a proprietary blend of high quality beef for an exceptional burger, and a home-made dry rub that comes with the ‘tots’ is a family favorite. There is an option to build-your-own pizza with regular or gluten-friendly crust. Even the boneless wings can be made  gluten-friendly. Fat Pants will also feature rotating dishes to keep things fresh.  

“At the end of the day, you want to be surrounded by family”, Elizabeth laughs as she says, “That’s certainly true in our case.” The Anderson’s have made Fat Pants a labor of love, working side by side with children, spouses and friends who feel like part of their family, to create a unique, fun spot that you can enjoy with your own family.

When we’re surrounded by the uncertainty of daily life, there’s great comfort in knowing exactly what to expect when you want to relax. Fat Pants will be your ‘home away from home’, providing a comfortable place where you can share a unique beer and quality food in an inviting atmosphere. 

Fat Pants is now open. They are located at 8335 Crystal View Road in Eden Prairie. Offering a range of unique craft beers and elevated American Pub Style Food, relax with friends or meet new ones. Home Brewing classes are available. An event room is available for private parties. For more information, please visit the Website at:

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