Nantucket Comes to Lake Minnetonka

Erin Haugerud, Principal Interior Designer of E.H. Design is transforming day-to-day life—with beautiful interiors.

“A home is not just a set of walls, although essential,” says Erin Haugerud, owner of interior design firm EH Design. “It’s where the day ends and a new day begins, so it should welcome you home and bring you joy.” Striving to bring a polished and functional style to all her projects and clients, in collaboration with Revision, the remodeling division of Stonewood, custom home builders in Lake Minnetonka, Erin’s latest interior design project was no different, a beautiful Nantucket-inspired home on Lake Minnetonka.

When you walk into this Lake Minnetonka home, you’ll see elevated spaces with a very classy, nautical vibe and elegant touch to all the rooms. “Our goal for each client is to discover what ‘home’ means to them and to create a beautiful and functional space around their concept,” says Erin. “They should love coming home. It should be a space that allows them to rejuvenate and recharge. When the project is complete, and the keys are returned to the clients, we want them to feel at home and at ease,” says Erin. 

“Our main inspiration for this design was again our clients and also, in this case, the home and its location,” says Erin. “The family loves Nantucket, and the home we were remodeling was Nantucket-style architecture. There was no question then that the inspiration would largely be drawn from that.” Utilizing inspiration from the lake and water was an obvious tie-in, and focusing on the gorgeous lake views was important. “Since this home also sits on Lake Minnetonka, marrying the two locations [Nantucket] into one style was an easy decision,” says Erin.

In addition to setting the feel and tone throughout the whole house, Erin also took into account the family’s needs and what they wanted to use the spaces for. “We wanted to maximize the home’s existing foundation by adjusting the layouts both on the main level as well as the lower level,” says Erin. “This busy family of four (and two dogs) needed a space that worked for them and made life easier while at home.” Almost no space in the home was left untouched. “On the main level, we brightened the space by adding white enameled paneling on the ceiling, removed unnecessary posts, wrapped the structural beams with white oak, and installed new white oak floors. We fully remodeled the kitchen and opened it up for better lake views,” Erin says.

“In the back entry, we added a laundry room, mudroom, powder room, and drop station with a dumbwaiter to the lower level. We fully furnished the living room off of the lake so they could enjoy the lake views. On the lower level, we converted one of the garage stalls into a rec room and wet bar, as well as added a 3/4 bath and mudroom with an amazing dog wash. On the upper level, we freshened everything up with a new coat of paint and remodeled the upper-level bathroom.”

Everything from the pristine white paint, blue accents, nautical-inspired wallpaper, tile, and thoughtfully curated décor truly makes this a rejuvenating space that the family can’t wait to come home to. After all, a place to unwind and enjoy life is what makes it a home. 

Check out EH Design to view their portfolio and see what Erin and her team can do for your space. ehdesignco.com

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