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Keegan Law Office is Dedicated to Second Chances

Article by Heather Stetler

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Originally published in Minneapolis Lakes

Keegan Law Office, located in Minneapolis, helps people through the most difficult issues they may be facing to find a resolution. Keegan Law Office practices in the areas of criminal defense, expungements & pardons and gun rights. Each case is handled with integrity, organization, passion, intelligence and creativity. The firm is guided by a single, overriding goal: to make their client’s lives easier, not more difficult.

Founder and Criminal Defense Attorney, Kelly Keegan, is the passion that drives the law office. Born and raised in Minnesota, her interest in criminal law started at the young age of 16. As a new driver, she was pulled over for speeding and given a ticket. While many of us may just pay the fine, for Kelly, this sparked curiosity for the law: she examined her options and contested the ticket. During her undergraduate education, Kelly took classes in criminal justice and found her calling to pursue a career as a defense attorney. She later attended law school at the University of Minnesota. “I love helping people and finding a way for them to resume their lives when they find themselves in a predicament that may be preventing them from living a happier, fuller life without the past haunting them,” says Keegan.  

A criminal record can hold you back in many ways, - from an arrest, to a common misdemeanor or a felony, even if you were never formally charged or convicted.  It can result in difficulty when applying for a job or renting and owning a house or apartment. Over 93% of employers and companies perform some kind of background check. “I strongly believe that people shouldn’t be denied an opportunity due to a mistake they made in their life that they regret,” says Keegan. “This shouldn’t define them after they have rehabilitated.”

This is where the option of seeking an expungement comes into play. An expungement seals the record to the public and opens up doors that may have been previously closed. With a new law that took effect in 2015, opportunities for people to clean up a past record have increased. At Keegan Law Office, each case is consulted to determine the goals of the client, gather background information, and provide the best-tailored plan for action. Each step in the process is handled with care, focuses on the client, and takes as much off their plate as possible to make the process run smoothly.  

Kelly has become one of the state’s most accomplished expungement lawyers and is the President of the Minnesota Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. She helped write the Minnesota Second Chance Law on expungements that took effect in 2015. Today, she continues to teach legal education seminars to hundreds of attorneys on how to carry out the expungement process.

“I feel fortunate everyday to work with people and always focus on the positive in every person,” says Keegan. “Second chances do exist.”

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