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Where do professional athletes and Olympians go to workout around Naples, recognizing that accelerating rehabilitation, improving movement, enhancing performance and managing pain are key in their game plan? The same place where active seniors can be found, setting new goals, trouncing them with revolutionary training with Ryan Vesce and Sean Sullivan.

Since opening its doors in 2018, Matterhorn Fit has attracted local healthcare professionals, professional athletes and fit seniors, many of whom are experiencing pain-free living for the first time in years.    

Founded by professional athlete Ryan Vesce and professional athlete trainer, Sean Sullivan, Matterhorn Fit is quickly becoming Southwest Florida’s leading rehabilitation and training center, offering an advanced neurological approach to pain management and movement. 

Prior to starting Matterhorn, Managing Director Ryan Vesce had a successful 14-year professional ice hockey career that included seasons with the San Jose Sharks in the NHL, six years in the KHL in Russia, and additional time playing in some of the best leagues and teams in Europe. Co-Founder Sean Sullivan is a world-class athletic trainer and strength and conditioning expert who is recognized by professional and Olympic athletes throughout the world.   

Matterhorn has always worked with elite level athletes but perhaps the biggest breakthrough in their process is the ability to revert chronic pain in seniors, and to do it non-invasively without the use of medication. Their clients are raving.

“I’ve had lower back issues for the last 5+ years. I've been to neurologists, physical therapists, and myofacia release specialists more times than I would like to count. Each one treated the symptoms, but never identified the problem,” says Matterhorn Fit Client, Jamie Bollinger. “Through Matterhorn Fit's innovative process, they were able to identify the problem and develop a plan to fix it. My back has never felt better and I am truly grateful for their time and expertise.

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