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Nashville is an extremely memorable place with its roots in the music industry. There is a lot of American history tied to Hollywood and the entertainment industry at large right here in Nashville.

It is a fun and decadent city full of attractions, live music, shopping, museums, parks and of course delicious food! Whenever one is in the south it is almost expected to seek after all the good eats made by southern hands.

In this guide, we will paint a brief scope of what there is to experience in Nashville in some areas where you can find exquisite and fun foods.

Downtown Nashville Restaurants 

Downtown Nashville is full of opulent things to experience, and consistently has an influx of fresh new visitors over the recent years. While seeing all the sights that there is to see, it’s guaranteed that you will work up an appetite!

Downtown Nashville restaurants can take country-style food and upgrade to something a little more high end. You can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the downtown area. There are also empanada platters, lobster, or honey glazed pork chops from one of their legendary hangouts.

There are plenty of pizza and sandwich eateries with their own spin. If you are in the mood for fried foods you bet you can find some good old fashioned fish and chips.

Want to up the ante and try something like a chicken-fried hot duck, or chicken pot pie served with deviled eggs, it’s all at your fingertips.

East Nashville Restaurants 

East Nashville would be described as being out in the neck of the woods, its restaurants and cultural dynamics have evolved into something that attracts an international melting pot.

East Nashville restaurants serve up out of the box style pizza, Japanese food, cafés that host group celebrations, Mexican food with a Tex-Mex vibe, and more.

Germantown Nashville Restaurants 

Germantown has always been known for its architectural glory and charm. You will enjoy the spark of restaurant options. This neighborhood is born from a historic time period that is just north of downtown Nashville. Through various periods of time, it has created many award-winning restaurants.

You can eat Chicago-style pizza and deep-dish pies. Plentiful and trendy cafes and coffee shops, Texas-style BBQ, and loads of other options. The wonderful thing is you can experience quite a number of ethnic vibes in one little city area while experiencing the country.

Restaurants on Broadway

Broadway Street can bring a lot of fun and good times. In the midst of all that there is to see, and experience the types of restaurants on Broadway are just as fine.

You can find music and food venues combined, rooftop bars, farm-style food, kid-friendly steakhouses with music, even restaurants, and grocery stores combined. Of course, there’s quite a bit more that can be listed, but this just gives you a good idea that there’s plenty of variety to choose from on Broadway Street.

West Nashville Restaurants 

West Nashville is just a short distance away from music city. It is known to be a thriving and lively neighborhood. In more recent years it has been gaining ground as becoming an up-and-coming area with all sorts of new developments in dining, shopping, and entertainment.

When it comes to places to eat there is quite a variety like ramen noodles, meatball sandwiches, fancy hotdogs, gluten-free cuisine, and Vegetarian options.

Restaurants near Nashville airport

The restaurants near the Nashville airport are bars, lounges, grills, and cafes. There are family-style restaurants and a waffle house. So, basically, all of your hunger needs can be met pretty easily before heading to the airport.

Restaurants in the Gulch

Gulch is an area within the local area that is known for being an upscale neighborhood hosting film screenings, chic hotels, high-end restaurants, art museums, and exhibitions. There is a lot to be seen in this area.

Cuisine in that area includes Sunday brunches, high-end Southern food, Japanese food, Indian fare, fancy pizza spots, romantic steakhouses, barbecue, and sushi.

Restaurants in Green Hills 

Green Hills is an upper-class and bustling area that hosts boutiques, malls, and quite a long list of culinary options. They are stylish trendy places to relax and sip wine or have a refreshing drink.

If you decide to venture off into Green Hills are curious about restaurants in Green Hills. Well, there are steak houses, New American food, and music venues, fancy pizza, soups, and salads galore. Let’s not forget to include gluten-free options and vegetarian cuisine.

South Nashville Restaurants

South Nashville is the place where loads of tourism happens. It has become known for all of its food options, anything from casual all the way up to the highest level of upscale. Whether you want breakfast, lunch, or dinner, it can be found in this area. South Nashville restaurants are typically frequented the most.

You can experience fresh Baja-style Mexican food, high-class bison burgers, barbecue nachos, cocktails on the patio, and Five Daughters Bakery. They have the most amazing donuts. Also, it’s quite easy to find Vegan and Paleo options for various types of food.

Midtown Nashville Restaurants 

Midtown is highly active and buzzing when it comes to nightlife. There are plenty of bars and clubs, live acts, and live music. The Sentinel Park is nearby with a gorgeous lake and lots of green space. It is a striking area with lots of fun things to do.

Some food options to experience well in that area would be Tex-Mex tacos, steakhouses, soul food, gluten-free goodies, Louisiana cuisine, and of course so much more.

Gaylord Restaurants 

The Gaylord is a classic hotel under the Marriott brand. If you choose to stay there on your visit to the local area they will have wonderful dining options available to you like deli options, find meats, Italian food, steak houses, frozen yogurt, sushi bars, seafood, sports bars, barbecue, and lots more!

Mexican Restaurants: Burritos, Tex-Mex and More

Oh, Mexican food! As a staple in American culture, there’s still such a variety of ethnic diversity within it. A popular go-to here in the city is often a Tex-Mex, Mexican restaurants. That gives you a Texan style, mixed with traditional Mexican fare.

Italian Restaurants

When in doubt about what to eat Italian cuisine is an easy choice because of the variety of pasta options available. The options can be on the go or high end. If you are looking for a high-end Italian restaurant, downtown Nashville is a great area to venture to.

Great Options for Vegan Restaurants

Vegan restaurants have become a craze it seems just about everywhere! Nashville is definitely a part of that craze that is healthy for your body, the tantalizing for the taste buds. South Nashville is a great area to find vegan options.

High-Quality Steak Restaurants

When you crave a steak nothing else will do. You can be sure that the local area has some fine cuts of meat to offer you, it just really depends on the kind of ambiance that you would like to experience. If you would like something casual this is a great area to choose from. Steak restaurants can be found quite easily across the city.

Barbecue Restaurants: Cooking Low and Slow

You can’t visit Nashville and ignore the barbecue restaurants that prevail. Whether you want brisket, hot links, chicken, pork ribs, beef ribs, and everything else under the barbecue side you can definitely find it in Nashville. Here’s a great location because it’s surrounded by other fun attractions.

Seafood restaurants

Well, Nashville is considered country territory and they do not leave out seafood restaurants. If you’re looking for fish and chips, or fried shrimp it can definitely be found here. If you are looking for something more formal. There’s definitely room for that as well. A fun area to consider is downtown Nashville.

Eating Healthy with Vegetarian restaurants

In the South, it might be a little more challenging to find vegetarian restaurants, as opposed to the West Coast.

However, with Nashville being such a melting pot it’s not such a journey to finding vegetarian options. In the midst of your sightseeing here’s an area that might be good to hunt down a vegetarian restaurant.

Japanese Restaurants in Nashville

Japanese restaurants are amazing because they offer a well-rounded healthy meal, from all the food groups. Yet, it is delicious and filling enough. If you were looking for a lighter meal on the Asian side, they are easily found across Nashville. 

Chinese Restaurants

Chinese restaurants abound pretty much everywhere that you go! Nashville is definitely included in that, but it’s fun to see how different areas within The city put its own spin on menu options. There are plenty of options that are great for lunch or dinner.

German Restaurants: A Taste of Europe

German restaurants offer some of the heartiest meals, EVER! With various types of sausages potatoes, meats, and heavy sauces you are in for probably an overwhelming feeling meal of delicious fare. If you would like to try a German restaurant, we recommend the Green Hills area.

Classic American Restaurants

After you have tried some exotic cuisine or something out of the box. You may just want to swing back to good old fashion American restaurants. Naturally, in Nashville, American restaurants are not in shortage.

You can find American-style cuisine easily in any area of Nashville.

French Restaurants

French restaurants are a treat because when done well, it embodies certain aspects of being in France. This is wonderful because plenty of us may never get to go there. It’s also great for all meals, breakfast lunch, and dinner and could be a great romantic option as well. 

Thai Restaurants: Curry for All

Thai restaurants are also ones that tend to be plentiful in big city areas.

If you have been making regular rounds of tourism stops, and feel those hunger pains gaining ground in your stomach authentic Thai food can meet the need. All curry items are filling as it comes with stewed meat and potatoes.

Korean Restaurants

Korean food is great because there are elements of other Asian cuisines that are familiar but are prepared differently.

Not only that there are some additional plant and herb ingredients that are added for a different taste. Not to mention that Korean barbecue is absolutely amazing. So while you’re out and if you are nearby the downtown area, you’ll have some good Korean restaurants to choose from.

Ethiopian Restaurants: A Community Experience

Ethiopian food tends to be a fusion of ethnic collaboration. Having influences from quite a number of ethnic groups Ethiopian restaurants might be best for adults that have a well-rounded taste.

Ethiopian food is typically not a kid-friendly choice. However, if you are out and about in the Green Hills area, you will be able to find some adventurous Ethiopian options.

Greek Restaurants: Gyros that Satisfy

Greek food usually makes anyone’s taste palette quite happy. From the meat prep to the sauces, and all the side dishes Greek food is a great option to seek out while in the local area.

Greek restaurants can also be more on the kid-friendly side because sometimes they offer things like hamburgers and cheeseburgers. So if you are in the Midtown area, you can seek out Greek restaurants there.

Turkish Restaurants

Turkish restaurants also tend to be ones that are more for adult pallets. As similar to Ethiopian cuisine, Turkish food also has influences from multiple ethnic groups that make it what it is. Though it looks a little duller than other types of food, the taste is not! 

Delicious Soul Food Restaurants

When you are craving something hearty, and with a down-home flair, soul food restaurants are always the way to go. Think mac & cheese, collard greens, fried chicken, biscuits and gravy, potato salad, fried pork chops the list goes on and on.

When you’re in that kind of mood, the city has definitely got your back!

Pizza Restaurants for Any Occasion

Pizza restaurants are fun because they can range from anything super fun and family-friendly to gourmet and high class. So, let’s just pretend that you are in a high-class kind of mode. In that case, check out Broadway Street for some options.

Sushi Restaurants

Sushi restaurants are always fun because there really is a lot of variety to choose from, though it is just one type of food. People tend to either love or hate sushi.

Then there are those who have never tried it. All in all, sushi is light, healthy, and filling in its own kind of way. Sushi restaurants are common throughout the metro.

Vietnamese Restaurants Around Nashville

Vietnamese restaurants have become more popular over the years, as part of Southeast Asian cuisine. It has its own unique food options that differ from what you would expect from a Chinese restaurant. Vietnamese restaurants can be found and in these areas.

Brazilian Restaurants

Brazilian food is for those who have excited taste buds! Brazilian food is a combination of three predominant ethnic groups Armenian, African, and European. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a lot of fun!

While in Nashville if you were on the search for Brazilian restaurants, then you might want to check out the downtown area. Just a word of warning: Brazilian food tends to be on the heavier side. So, do come with an empty stomach.

Nashville’s New Restaurants

Music City is always quite progressive, and developing and unique ways. One thing to the city is that there will always be new restaurants popping up here and there. It’s fun to try something new, especially in a place that you are visiting.

Downtown and Midtown are great areas to find new hotspots!

Restaurants with Live Music

Being that Nashville is known for live music. Restaurants with live music are quite common and we wouldn’t want you to miss out on that experience.

Having entertainment and good food at the same time sounds like a great time! You can definitely find live music near Music City.

Nice Restaurants in the Area

Nice restaurants are not hard to find within the metro. Some nights you might just want to do a more fancy excursion of an evening or even around lunchtime.

If you’re looking for a nice restaurant in an area like Green Hills, will provide you with some more upscale options.

Dog-Friendly Restaurants: Don’t Leave Out Fido

So you brought your pooch on your exciting journey to Nashville?

Thankfully, Nashville is a large city and often reflects with some of the other large cities in the United States. Dog-friendly restaurants can create such amazing and powerful memories for years to come. 

Michelin Star Restaurants for a Celebrity Experience

For decades we have known that Michelin was the top brand for tires and tire services. They have also moved into providing Michelin star restaurants for every major city within the United States.

So, if you are curious about which parts of Nashville have the highest rating restaurants, you can look up Michelin Star restaurants online. Just type in your location of curiosity and the results will be delivered to you.

Take Your Date to These Romantic Restaurants 

Romance can be found or experienced anywhere, but especially in Nashville. Romantic restaurants can be found all throughout the local area, but if you would like a romantic ambient feel within any particular neighborhood or area.

There are pockets of downtown where that can happen, along with the Gulch area. That way after a romantic meal you can keep the romantic vibe going throughout the evening.

Families Drop by Kid-Friendly Restaurants

When the kiddos are boisterously letting you know that they are ready to eat, it’s probably not a good idea to go just anywhere!

A great idea is to find out in advance where some of the kid-friendly restaurants are, in relation to where you might be doing some kid-friendly activities. Downtown and Germantown are great areas to consider.

Rooftop Restaurants

Rooftop restaurants are so fun because you get to have an aerial view of the city. Nashville is definitely a fun city to get an aerial view of. Catch it at sunset and what a memorable experience.

The Gulch neighborhood is a lovely area where some rooftop restaurants abide.

Outdoor Restaurants

Outdoor dining has become more of a thing, because of our present world situation. That doesn’t mean it has to be any less infighting to visit outdoor restaurants.

Choosing the right area or neighborhood is key so that while you were eating the view is something that is pleasurable. If the weather is right and you would like to experience Nashville outdoor dining, try Germantown or Green Hills.

Fun Restaurants

Fun restaurants can range from the type of food served to the actual ambiance that is created within this business.

Depending on what type of “fun” you’re looking for might determine what your options look like. However, if you are in the north Nashville side of town there are some fun options to choose from that are also family-friendly.

What are the must-try restaurants in Nashville?

Hattie B’s Hot Chicken. This is located in North Nashville and has amazingly flavorful but yet fiery basted chicken. This is a fast and very casual atmosphere but the food is awesome with choices like pimento mac & cheese, black-eyed pea salad, and other southern sides. You can also tap out with one of their selection of beers.

Pinewood Social. Is for those individuals looking to have a good time all around. They offer outdoor pools, a bowling alley, bocce courts, booth sizes that allow you to spread out and there is an airstream trailer bar. Aside from the attractions they sell American-style breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They offer a delicious raw lobster roll and plenty of cocktails to go around.

Ellington’s. This restaurant is located in the Fairlane hotel on the fourth floor. If you like the old-school era of Mid Century Modern style, this is a lovely option. Not to mention the view of the downtown area. They are classic food choices like Waldorf salad, oysters, pink peppercorn butter, and more.

ButcherTown Hall. For the solid meat-eaters of the world, this is a dream! This restaurant combines some Mexican flair, with barbecue. The menu has to offer beef brisket plates served with tortillas, Texas toast, onions, and pickles. You can also choose to add on homemade sausages that can resemble anything from German or Mexican cuisine. The overall ambiance is minimal and modern.

Killebrew. This coffee shop is found within the Thompson Hotel in the Gulch area. Lisa Marie is the head pastry chef and you can find all sorts of delicious treats like biscuits, creative quiches, and glazed doughnuts. There are all sorts of coffee and lattes, muffins, and buttery biscuit sandwiches. A wonderful place for a midday snack or even breakfast.

How many restaurants are in Nashville?

It is estimated to have around 400 restaurants.

Nashville is a treasure that we hope that you find as many as you can by the end of your trip. May this guide help to serve as a help to discover wonderful attractions, meaningful experiences, and great food!

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