Health And Wellness In 2021

Community Members Share Their Goals For The New Year

As we say goodbye to a turbulent year, it is time to look toward better times to come in 2021. Accordingly, we asked several community neighbors what their health and wellness goals are for the new year.

Tammy Hayes

District 1 Representative

Sumner County School Board

“2020 brought challenges that provided me with opportunities to examine myself, to strengthen my character and to gain new perspectives on life. Ultimately, the experiences of the past year have led me to adopt the wise and profound words of Peanuts creator Charles Schultz as my goal for 2021: ‘Laugh a little louder, smile a little bigger, love a little deeper, and walk through life a little slower.’”

Lelan Statom

Chief Meteorologist and “Talk of the Town” Co-Host

WTVF News Channel 5

“I have several goals in the new year. First, I want to get back into a regular workout routine, even if it’s just a quick 30 minutes on the treadmill several times a week. Second, I want to read more to learn new things, as well as enjoy a few books just for mind candy. Finally, I want to declutter my life. By the way, I won’t confirm or deny if any of these were on my goals list for 2020!”

Mauricio Sanchez


RPP Consulting Services

“My 2021 goals will take me further into a journey of self-discovery. I will continue to work on pushing and expanding my physical and mental limits so as to discover any potential still hidden within me. I will work on enhancing a positive presence in my community by continuing to contribute to the betterment of relationships between my friends and neighbors.”

Abby Rice


9Round Hendersonville

“My goal for 2021 is to achieve more balance. First, I want to balance my mental health with my physical health. Next, I want to balance my work life versus family life. Finally, I want to achieve a balance between chasing future dreams and living in the present. Throughout 2021, I want to feel more content in all areas of my life – wellness, personal/professional development and being a happy and healthy wife and mom.”


Bubba Perry

Board Member

Hendersonville Parks and Recreation Department

“My goals for 2021 are simple, yet very important to me. First, I want to get back to a regular running routine where I can go the distance without any pain. Next, I want to bring back Big Bubba’s Celebrity Bash, a local softball event that will raise money for the Humane Society of Sumner County. All in all, I am ready to tackle 2021 in Big Bubba style.”

K’Leetha Gilbert


Metropolitan Nashville Board of Education

“My health and wellness goals for 2021 are simple. Speak less, listen more, love harder and embrace people and experiences longer. I want to look at my life more deeply to better understand my place in the world.”

Dr. Scott Jordan


Crossroads Medical

“In a time of change, I’m going to be more open to new ideas in 2021. I want to shake up my workouts and fitness goals, focusing more on adventure, and less on structured workouts. I want to purposely think about overall health and wellbeing.”

Jamie Clary


City of Hendersonville

“I plan to keep running in local events with my two children. These runs help to keep us all fit, as well as providing some quality family time.  I also look forward to warmer weather that will let me get in more cycling. Over the past 25 years, I have pedaled from the Atlantic to the Pacific and from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico, eagerly exploring new places. To prepare for future long-distance trips, I will need to ride a lot locally.”

Jennifer Waddell

News Anchor

WZTV Fox 17

“Looking ahead to 2021, I can't help but be grateful for 2020.  This year has been a blessing, even given our current mess.  Some of my goals for the new year include reading the Bible to better see how His word translates to current time, being more in tune with my mind/body connection thru exercise and meditation, getting my house more organized and increasing my charitable giving.  I try not to set goals that I can't keep, so here's hoping these will stick.”


Sam Gilbert

Executive Director

Historic Rock Castle

“If there is one thing I have taken away from 2020, it is that time with family and friends is precious. Career and life responsibilities can overwhelm me at times, but in 2021, I am looking for solace with my wife and kids.  I want to hug them more, hold their hands on long walks, laugh together during meals, have meaningful conversations and invest in those daily opportunities that tend to slip away so quickly.”

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