Tips for Selling Your Home This Spring


Article by Jennifer Kaufman

Photography by Nathan Zucker

  1. Tour your own home. ​Walk through your home with the eyes of a potential buyer. Look for possible small improvements, such as painting a wall or adding fresh-cut flowers, and take out personal items that may deter buyers from envisioning themselves in your home.
  2. Stage your home inside and out. ​Buyers are looking for a safe, warm, and welcoming first impression. A little bit of landscaping or sprucing up curb appeal can make all the difference in a buyer’s opinion of your home.
  3. Adapt to changing times. ​89% of buyers desire energy efficiency in their new home. Energy Star-qualified windows, washing machines and dishwashers will limit utility bills, minimize water use and draw in buyers to your property.
  4. Don’t over-upgrade. ​Quick home improvements have proven to be more beneficial than full-blown makeovers. A huge project will likely cost you more than you will get in return on the sale. A fresh coat of paint, new cabinet hardware and a repaired leaky faucet are some ways to demonstrate pristine home maintenance, while keeping costs low.
  5. Light it up! ​Buyers do not want a dull, mundane home, so open up the curtains, clean the lampshades and provide potential buyers with a bright and radiant visit. Maximize natural light and add incandescent bulbs to incite positive thoughts in potential buyers.

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