A Boy As Bright As The Sun

Xander Rynerson is a 7-year-old mastermind who plans to someday win a Nobel Prize for curing brain cancer. Or perhaps he’ll be the first on Mars, his latest interest, next to subatomic particles. His expertise in astronomy impressed and humored talk show host Ellen DeGeneres in 2019 that he was guest on her show and again on a video chat during quarantine. Ellen generously gifted Xander his own star and telescope amongst other science equipment. Xander says, “On clear nights I look at the moon and see fascinating craters.” He can thoroughly explain and understand all different aspects of the solar system, chemistry and several other subjects. Xander says, “I know the whole periodic table from memory. You can tell me any symbol, element or number and I can say all three.” He was correct every time.

He is homeschooled in Franklin by his mother, Graciella Kowalczyk, but she’s always learning from him as well. Outside of his curriculum, Xander is reading science books and watching complex videos way above his grade level. At this rate, just imagine his knowledge in the next couple years! He’s on the path to do significant things.

Graciella is a professional pianist and introduced Xander to the world of music. At two years old he was punching notes on their Steinway and now he’s sight reading and playing classics like “Für Elise” and “Solfeggietto.” He’s also passionate about playing his acoustic guitar and serenading people with pop songs or “Yesterday” by The Beatles. Xander is a natural performer and excited to continue his lessons.

While studying the six types of quarks in an atom is fun, Xander loves to hang out with his friends, play tennis, garden, and spend time with his three dogs and two cats. Xander’s knowledge of science and musical skills are impressive for his young age. If he grows up to be an astronaut, brain surgeon, or pianist like his mom, we won’t be surprised!

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