Time to Get Dressed

It's Been a While Since We've Had Such Style!

It is safe to say that all of us are ready to move on to a post-pandemic way of life. COVID has turned our day-to-day routines upside down—professionally, socially, and personally. Yes, things will be different moving forward, but I think we can all agree, it’s time to get dressed!

The past six months have been surreal; a strange combination of dress-down Fridays crossed with Groundhog Day. Weeks have passed by as we sported nothing but sweatpants and pajamas. This was followed by the unlikely above-the-waist business attire look for those perpetual Zoom meetings. It’s time to find balance in our wardrobes again. KD Boutique and Sal Lauretta for Men have found the magic combination of dressing for comfort while projecting an image of professionalism with an upbeat spirit. These will be the trends of 2020 and beyond as we move forward to reinvent ourselves.

It was a delight to once again work with our beautiful model, Sumayah, who you may remember from last year’s fashion issue. We’re also pleased to introduce Kenny Maher who is wearing looks from Sal Lauretta for Men. Sumayah has the warm and authentic look that defines KD Boutique so well, and Kenny is the classic sports-casual kind of guy—emblematic of Sal Lauretta’s focus this fall on more casual styles. The universal theme of fashion this year is to compose looks of casual comfort, so we are showing the foundational pieces that can be creatively mixed and matched for versatility in a variety of essential looks.

The pieces shown on the next several pages have the energy and spirit we’ve been longing for throughout the past six months. Kristin Dahl, owner of KD Boutique and Ralph Lauretta, general manager of Sal Lauretta, both agree that manufacturers were eager to add color and vibrance to their fall collections.

Autumn looks will bring us pops of color like bright yellows and vivid blues to accent typical subdued fall neutrals. These will be the key looks for enjoying cool-weather outdoor dining with friends, or relaxing with coffee and the paper on the weekends. So, take a break from your muted fall colors and try adding a few new hues that will pick up your mood while elevating your wardrobe. Add some great shoes or boots and a cool bag and you’ll have a look that will stand out post shutdown!

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