Kathy Robinson

From Wall Street to Wellness

“Traveler, there is no path. The path is made by walking. By walking you make a path” –Antonio Machado

From Wall Street to Wellness, Kathy Robinson has gone the distance when it comes to transformation. After years of working as a risk and audit executive, Kathy decided to take her own chances in following a new path.

When she was 50, Kathy decided to retire from corporate life and had to consider what she wanted to do moving forward, exploring various interests along the way. “My heart led me toward the field of well-being with a focus on women in professional and personal transition.

Kathy became a certified wellness coach in 2018. She had moments of self-doubt until she realized that a lifetime of corporate risk management had many parallels to wellness coaching. “My job consisted of identifying all of the things that can go wrong, assessing them, coming up with action plans, and addressing them. I do the same things for my clients now.”

“Wellness is the natural state of the body. However, it’s much more than just a physical state,” says Kathy. Lifestyle and mental outlook play a significant role in helping a person move toward optimal wellness.

When clients come to Kathy with a goal for the future or the desire to pursue a passion, Kathy helps them understand the directions and processes they will need to undergo. Whether someone wants to write a book, become healthier, or change careers, the transition can begin in various ways. “It could be a physical change or an emotional change,” says Kathy. “Whatever the starting point is, you begin there and then take it deeper, step-by-step. The mind, body, and spirit all provide pathways that can be turning points for taking the action to do something new.

When one decides to commit to a major life change such as a big career move, losing weight, or pursuing a passion, Kathy advises her clients to make intentional choices that can positively affect their well-being.

“An intention is mindful and purposeful, and it helps a person get to the root of why they do something or why they want something,” says Kathy. “Goals are external, but intentions are inwardly focused. They resonate with a person and help them to understand who they truly are. When you make intentional choices, you create positive habits that stick because they are essential to you. Thus, it’s a holistic, specific formula that will be different for every person.”

Kathy recommends taking a journey from “head-to-heart” by questioning or challenging your usual routines and assumptions. Determine to make mindful choices regarding how you spend your time and explore what delights you. Don’t get caught up in the importance of the practices; be intentional about the sense of well-being they provide you. For example, working out and being in good physical condition allows you to have the energy to enjoy life with the people you love.

Sometimes embracing life means taking chances and making changes that will help you learn and grow. “If you fight the change, something else will make you learn those lessons. If you embrace the change, it can be more satisfying and more adventurous,” says Kathy.

In addition to her personal coaching and corporate workshops, Kathy recently authored The Athena Principles. “Athena was a Greek goddess who embodied both strength and wisdom, two qualities I help my clients access in themselves,” says Kathy. “Tapping into inner wisdom is the first step toward reimagining midlife and reinventing yourself.”

Kathy produces podcasts and blogs sharing her depth of well-being expertise. She will soon be launching her new “vancast” from her customized van as she travels across the country interviewing health and wellness experts and individuals who have made the change to lead a better life.

Kathy’s journey has been one of experience, learning, and openness to change, reminding us all to “embrace the life that’s in front of you.”


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