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Meet Pixie and Pudge!

With the advent of social media, pet Instagrams have grown increasingly popular as a way for owners to showcase their beloved animals. #BergenCountyPets has hundreds of posts, from those of perfectly posed pitbulls to fluffy Persians. @Specstreks chronicles the life of Specs, a miniature pinscher chihuahua from Saddle River that can always be found in the comfiest spot in his house. Specs’ owner started the account as a way to avoid flooding their friends’ feeds with his photos on their personal accounts, but now has regular users commenting on Specs’ posts and messaging for advice on dog training.

@PixienPudge follows the adventures of Pixie and her little brother Pudge, both golden retrievers living in Ridgewood, and their owner uses the page to show off the pair. 

Pet businesses like Groomington Coat Factory in Midland Park use Instagram to show off their adorable clients and advertise their services. Their page, @Groomington, showcases dogs of all breeds, before and after their haircuts! 

The Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge in Oakland promotes shelter pets on their Instagram, @RBARIShelter, to bring about awareness of animals available for adoption.

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