DIY Kitty Entertainer


Gather supplies: chair, bar or step stool, glue gun, scissors, rope or cord, ribbon or yarn, small balls or toys, and bells. Optional, 2 toilet scrubbers and 4 zip ties.


Put bells inside of or on balls or toys. Attach balls or toys to ribbon or yarn. We used six balls total tied to ribbon of varying lengths and pieces of curly ribbon.


On two support bars, alternate these ribbons, tying them so they hang above the ground where kitty can play with them.


On the other support bars, hot glue one edge of your rope or cord and wrap the length of the bar. Use hot glue to secure the end once the bar is wrapped. Kitty can claw and scratch on these sides.

5// Optional addition: remove handles from toilet scrubbers. Use zip ties to secure the scrubber at the top and bottom chosen legs. These are perfect for self-petting and self-grooming. As an added bonus, you can add ribbon and toys to the ends of the removed handles to create kitty wands!

[Amber Neel's son MJ, 8, helped create this imaginative kitty play toy.]

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