St. Anne School

Where Students Discover what Kind of Great They Want to Be

Established in 1992, St. Anne School is an independent Catholic school in Laguna Niguel that educates students from preschool through eighth grade, encouraging them to expand their world and discover their passions. Walk through the halls of St. Anne School, and you’ll see students holding doors open for guests, collaborating on projects and high-fiving teachers and administrators. St. Anne School is a friendly and nurturing learning environment, focused on educating the whole child. Students at St. Anne are happy, respectful and engaged learners who are ready to discover what kind of great they want to be.            `

As a Catholic school, St. Anne teaches students from a variety of faith backgrounds to treasure their own faith and encourages them to develop their spirituality as they participate in weekly Mass, daily prayer and community outreach. Opportunities for students to grow in faith include youth ministry for fourth-fifth grades, Christian community service for middle school, religious retreats for students and staff, and the new addition of an accelerated religion class for eighth-graders to explore their faith on a deeper level and pursue leadership opportunities to spread the light of Christ throughout the community.

An Education that Inspires Students to Discover the Kind of Great They Want to Be

St. Anne School partners with parents to ensure every child achieves an education that supports their needs, talents and interests while forming their character and spiritual development. The dedicated teachers inspire students to develop independence, discover a love of learning and push themselves to unlock their potential.

Rigorous core academics are enriched by a variety of elective classes and after-school programs, such as Future Problem Solvers, FIRST Lego League, Garage Rock Band, Food and Fitness, Navigating Our World, and more. Students have the opportunity to collaborate with the availability of 21 sports teams and an award-winning performing arts program. St. Anne students have many opportunities to explore what they enjoy and discover the areas where they excel.

Growing Programs

Committed to STREAM Education and 21st Century Learning

St. Anne School has a new STREAM classroom, centered on project-based learning which allows students to build, problem-solve, collaborate, create and test new ideas. Students work in teams to think, innovate, prototype and research. The classroom can accommodate projects for science, technology, religion, engineering, art and math. The STREAM room is intentionally designed with adaptable seating and mobile student desks to support various modes of learning.

Training Teachers on Differentiation Strategies for Every Classroom

This year, St. Anne School will continue its two-year partnership with Dr. Richard M. Cash, Ed.D, an award-winning author and educator who works with St. Anne teachers throughout the year, looking for trends of student learning and establishing signature teaching strategies. After observing classrooms, Dr. Cash works collaboratively with groups of teachers to teach them specific differentiation strategies that stimulate deeper thinking and discussion with students. Teachers encourage students to think about the “how” and the “why” and engage students in higher-order thinking skills.

Expanding Learning Support ACCESS Program

This summer, St. Anne School established an enhanced, multi-tiered support program for grades K-eighth called ACCESS (Academic and Counseling Center for Educational Support and Success). Under the direction and leadership of Mrs. Kristin Sylvester, St. Anne’s school psychologist, ACCESS provides more availability to learning support through trained faculty and an intervention specialist. St. Anne has increased its ACCESS staffing and is now providing a learning support teacher per grade level (2-5), as well as two in Middle School.

Challenging Students Through Honors Courses Starting in Fifth Grade

To further challenge and excite students, St. Anne offers advanced and honors courses to students who have demonstrated abilities beginning in fifth grade with honors math. Middle school students are offered a full honors program. This coming year, St. Anne will be offering additional honors courses in Middle School and piloting a new science program in fourth-eighth grades, which will provide enriching hands-on lessons.

Reimagined Outdoor Play Areas

Recognizing that play and exploration not only benefits a child’s health but improves classroom performance, increases cognitive development and hones social skills, St. Anne School made it a fundraising priority to enhance their outdoor spaces for students. Last year, St. Anne proudly installed an innovative, state-of-the-art playground for students in lower and middle school, and the students have been eagerly awaiting playtime ever since.

The preschool, outside classroom and play area was also overhauled with the addition of a dedicated area for 2-year-old students, collaborative play equipment such as cascading water tables, and an amphitheater for students to perform, imagine and explore.

Making a Difference

Through the past 27 years, St. Anne School has graduated well-rounded, compassionate, creative and curious young adults, well-equipped for a challenging high school experience and ready to live out their own greatness. Come visit St. Anne School and see how your local independent Catholic school is educating the next generation of global citizens, right here in Laguna Niguel.

A National Blue Ribbon School, St. Anne is also accredited by the California Association of Independent Schools (CAIS), the Western Catholic Educational Association (WCEA), the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and the National Association of the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

To schedule a private tour or learn more about St. Anne School, please call 949.371.9932 or visit St-Anne.org.

St. Anne incorporates state-of-the-art technology:

●      Pre-K | Minilabs and computer access in all classrooms

●      Kindergarten through second grade | iPads 1:1

●      Third and fourth grade | Chromebooks 1:1

●      Fifth through seventh grade | MacBooks 1:1

●      Interactive projectors in all classes

●      Oculus VR, robotics and 3D printers

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