Alyssa Raghu

Jetsetter Musician Rocking Both the East & West Coasts (And Everything In Between)

Who - Alyssa is an American Idol alumni Seasons 16 and 17

Title - Musical Artist who made it to the top 8 on Season 17

Where - She jetsets between Orlando and LA

Advice - To be the very authentic you without any embarrassment

Hang on America, as Alyssa Raghu's music has just begun! Meeting her on a beautiful afternoon over iced coffee, the energy for her upcoming release of Should Have Known Better, was simply electrifying! She promises a different kind of hit, as she herself is different than when she sang two years ago. Alyssa says she has triumphed through "a journey of both challenging and positive experiences" yielding some serious learning as an artist; translated and poured into writings of new songs. She further describes the themes as lyrics "of social pressure", hoping for embrace of a topic that is often ignored amongst young adults. "Everyone experiences social pressure. Everyone knows someone going through it. Not everyone talks about it." Especially, in the past year, Alyssa has taken the changes as beneficial and as a vehicle to impact in a positive way, and hopes her songs allow more people to experience that! 

Impressively, Alyssa writes her own songs, and records in her Orlando home studio, then sends them to a producer in Los Angeles to button up. This keeps her traveling to LA monthly, where she then partakes in other west coast events and photo shoots. When asked about inspiration for her artistry and flow, she glowed talking about Lauren Hill, describing her lyrics as "honest and real" on topics about lifestyle. And while she will sing about many topics and different genres, her heart "time travels with soul and R&B". She finishes her thoughts by saying, "that's just where I stay". It is her one vehicle to portray emotions properly. We felt it and can't wait to hear more!

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