Navigating The Complex World of Health Insurance

Confused about what you should do when it comes to health insurance? Carrie Roberts is here to guide you.

Whether it’s an illness or injury, even the most health-conscious people eventually need health care. Even people who have never had serious health issues have seen friends and family suffer from COVID-19, often ending up in the hospital.

“With health insurance, for most of your life, you don't need it because you're healthy,” said Carrie Roberts, owner of American Trustee of Florida, which offers health, life, and supplemental policies to individuals and employers. “Then, one day, when you suddenly need it, you can’t get it because you’re sick and insurance companies don’t cover pre-existing conditions.”

Unfortunately, when a patient is hospitalized without adequate health insurance, the result is often overwhelming debt. In 2020, health care spending in the U.S. exceeded $4 trillion, more than 30% of which was for hospital care. That’s an average of over $2,600 per day.

According to Carrie, however, consumers are left to fend for themselves, and health insurance is complex with many options to choose from.

“People don't know how to navigate the details,” she said. “They're just looking for the lowest premium and you could end up with a huge deductible. That means insurance doesn't start paying until you have paid out of your own pocket. That can easily cost $8,000 or more.”

That’s why her goal is always to focus solely on her clients’ needs, making sure they have the coverage that works best for them, taking into account their health care circumstances and budget.

“I want my clients to know that I am their ally in a situation where they definitely need allies. Their needs will always come before my commission. And if I don't make a dime, that's okay, as long as their needs are met. By taking that approach, I know that the business will take care of itself.”

Carrie Roberts
American Trustee of Florida

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