Simplifying the Mortgage Process


As branch manager for VanDyk Mortgage, Darnell Mahone has seen it all. Coming into the industry in late 2006 during major economic turmoil gave him a unique perspective. Today, he puts that experience to work for clients who are dealing with what he calls “complicated” projects.

“Our goal is to simplify the mortgage process. We specialize in getting people qualified even when things get tricky,” he explains. “While some loan officers look to avoid certain situations, I tend to embrace those deals that need a little bit of creativity.”

For example, low credit scores are one of the common issues he’s seeing now as a result of the pandemic.  “A lot of people are dealing with lack of a steady income. We help them take steps that will put them in a position where they can move forward.”

Here are a few examples of the advice Darnell recommends to his clients.

Pro Tip #1

The number one thing he tells people is to follow the advice of their mortgage professional, and not believe everything they read on the internet. “Their goal is to point you in the right direction and get the transaction completed, regardless of what you may have seen online.”

Pro Tip #2

Once the process is in motion, he advises clients to avoid making major changes during the loan process. “As simple as this may sound, it happens every day. I remember one family who spent $14,000 on new furniture and crippled their debt ratio. It’s important to avoid changes like quitting your job, or opening up a lot of new credit card accounts.”

Pro Tip #3

Finally, he cautions clients to be patient and be prepared for delays. “It’s going to happen. It could be something as simple as a missing pay stub.”

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