Lovers Gelato Sangria


Article by Brenda Alicia Torres

Photography by Canva, BA Torres, Dr. K Jose Torres

It is that time of year! When winter is almost over, and spring will soon be in bloom! Making for my primary reason (or excuse) to visit EPCOT's International Festival of Arts; which is an annual showcase of culinary creativity and dramatic epicurean inspirations, running from January through the 3rd week of every February; in Orlando, FL.

This Valentine's day, I could not possibly keep you from my new found LOVE and creation - my yummy and colorful "Lovers Gelato Sangria".

A heartful concoction and combination of love project and years of amazing friendship.

As the universe would have it, I ran into my friend, Jose Torres (Nope! We are not related!), and found out that he is now blending his own brand of Sangria, Bad Hombre - in his usual luster and true entrepreneurial fashion. Upon tasting it, I was immediately in LOVE. I knew this was a winner, and was elated to learn that I could repeat this luxurious experience at Houndstooth Kitchen & Eatery in Maitland, at Melts on Main in Winter Garden, and at La Femme du Fromage in East End Market. All of these locations are in Central Florida.

A couple days later, I then went to EPCOT's Festival of Arts, and my mind ran wild! I knew that I needed to go home and experiment some, and voila - combined my Bad Hombre Sangria (in all magical glory) with a premium berries gelato, and topped off the rim with hibiscus flavored sugar from The Spice & Tea Exchange at Disney Springs.

Here is the recipe:

  • 6 oz. of Bad Hombre Sangria
  • 2 small size scoops of gourmet berries gelato
  • Mixed berries to garnish (my gelato already had cranberries, boysenberries, blueberries and raspberries)
  • Flavored sugar to enhance the rim (Hint - the kind used for sweet Margaritas)
"Good Sangria belongs in the healthy food group, as it is practically a fruit salad."

In this photo: To the right, Bad Hombre Sangria mixologist and CEO, Jose Torres, accompanied by his very proud father, who is holding one of the bottles.

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