Make Your Own Nosh Inspired Confetti Popcorn

If you have taken a stroll through the Plant Street Market in Downtown Winter Garden recently, you may have noticed one of the newest vendors, Nosh! Nosh is a gourmet popcorn and caramel apple shop owned by Winter Garden local, Kelsey Anthony. Nosh will definitely satisfy your snack cravings with tasty flavors like Classic Caramel, Just Dill With It, Chicago Mix, and a new flavor, Confetti! 

Inspired by Nosh's Confetti Popcorn, we have created our own "at home" take on Confetti Popcorn. This popcorn is the perfect mix of sweet and salty, it will be sure to delight your tastebuds! 


- 1 Bag Microwave Popcorn

- 6oz White Chocolate

- Rainbow Sprinkles


1. Pop Microwave Popcorn as noted on the package directions

2. Heat white chocolate until melted

3. Pour popcorn into a large mixing bowl and pour in the melted white chocolate. Coat popcorn evenly.

4. Top your popcorn with sprinkles, and lay on parchment paper to cool.


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