The Gringo Bandito Take Over

Perfect Spot for "Taco Life" Cravings

Inspired by Southern California roots, and a blend of authentic Mexican food, Chronic Tacos in Orlando is one of only three of its Mexican Grills in the entire state of Florida. Owned and operated by Patrick Becherer, at Chronic Tacos you will enjoy a laid back experience with an edge like no other, yet a friendly and personable service that guarantees you'll soon again ask, "where's the chronic?". Factually, on most days, you will be greeted and served by Patrick himself - often offering you a taste of his favorite, chicken! When in doubt as to what you want to order, you can't go wrong with this flavorful, juicy, tender, and smoky chicken recipe. Highly recommended! 

Focused on the true and trendy "Taco Life" movement, Chronic treats you to other street favorites, like Al Pastor, Beer Battered Shrimp or Fish, daily fresh Guacamole, Street Corn, and Churro Bites! Did I mention the meatless mashed potatoes tacos? Yumm! Oh, and don't forget the sauce; Gringo Bandito Green, Gringo Bandito Red, or the famous Chronic Tacos Ghost Pepper Hot; perfectly paired with a refreshing glass of house Sangria.

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