Whoa...It's 90+ degrees!

A local Yelper Elite's favorite treats to cool down, so worth the short drive from South Orlando

Are you in need of a cold pick-me-up during this Central Florida summer? Well you’re in for real treat—a COLD one, at least. No matter what frozen treat your tastebuds are craving, I decided to compile a “chilling” list of unique, local short drives from South Orlando.

Smallcakes Cupcakery & Creamery - Bringing you freshly baked gourmet Cupcakes and homemade ice cream perfect for any occasion.

Frozen Nitrogen Ice Cream (near UCF) - Yes, you read correctly: “Frozen Nitrogen.” This brother and sister-owned shop, challenged the odds by deciding to see what happens when you mix any cream with liquid nitrogen and BOOM! Now ice cream melts very slowly. 

"Who ever said ice cream and chemistry don't mix?"

Popbar - at Premium Outlets in South Orlando - Featured recently on both the Cooking Channel and the Food Network. Straight from the Poplab, enjoy traditional Italian gelateria with a twist of modern dessert fun. Specializing in all-natural, handcrafted gelato on a stick, their menu includes 60+ flavors, and endless ways to customize.

La Carraia Gelateria (Dr. Phillips) - Do you fancy a just-as-popular, yet lighter treat (containing less fat), and don’t mind it not being as cold? Then gelato is the way to go. Especially here, where they serve generous portions! It’s almost as if the flavors pounce on your tastebuds with no remorse. But who’s complaining? I know I’m not. 

Freeze Your Brain - Hawaiian Shave Ice (Lake Buena Vista) - authentic “Hawaiian Style” shave ice frozen dessert with a 5 Star guest experience. Freeze Your Brain uses a true block ice shaver to produce the softest, fluffiest snow.

Dulce Pecado Food Truck (near Colonial Plaza) - Its’ name means “Sweet Sin” in Spanish and it certainly lives up to it. What do we do when something isn’t sweet enough? We add more sweets, of course! And we may even chip-in with an extra waffle on a stick while we’re at it too. Ideal for the “sweetest tooth” in a group!

Ice & Bites Café (near UCF) - Are you ever tempted to play with your food? Ever had Taiyaki? It’s a Japanese fish-shaped cake, then stuffed with your favorite treat! I like to think that anytime you can eat your frozen treat, and what it is served in too, both you and the environment are winning. This shop offers you Asian Street Desserts you won’t want to miss!

Jr Tropical Ice Cream (E Osceola Pkwy) - How adventurous do you feel? How about a small taste of our Latin American community? On my first try, I had a Sweet Plantain, Avocado, and Sweet Corn Ice Cream with Powdered Cinnamon and Nutella and Coconut Ice Cream served in a Coconut—talk about a unique welcome! (And super yummy sugar coma!)

IceHut Rolled Ice Cream (near Altamonte) - Time to roll this up (pun intended). Maybe what you’re really needing is something a bit more relaxing. Something like the sound of utensils crushing your favorite ingredients onto a frozen slab; the mix and peel into rolled swirls that are only meant to be consumed slowly...Sounds like music to my ears...

If you aren’t already on your way to one of these must-go frozen treat spots, I’m sure you’ve already identified what direction your taste buds will point you in next. To which I'll proudly claim success to fanning the flames of a frozen treat retreat in the works. All are fair options, as suggested by a long-time Orlando resident and local foodie.

"Now run along and watch the possible brain-freezes!"

For more on the local scene, follow me on insta @arie.recommends. 

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