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Self-care can be one of those things that can easily get overlooked and fall off the list of priorities. Especially when your daily grind consists of putting everything and everyone's else needs before your own. Esteban Gonzalez and Agustina Grillo Harris, luxury resort spa experts from Central Florida, know that self-care is all too important to ignore, and are advocating for change.

Last year, due to a direct impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, luxury resorts were forced to close down their in-house spas, losing one of their most sought after amenities and resort experiences. After losing their jobs due to the spa closures, and being personally affected, Esteban and Agustina saw an opportunity for transitioning their spa expertise into a business concept that promotes wellness at home. In consideration of the challenges we all face every day, they made it their mission to bring happiness, and wellness, to individuals that recognize the need for a self-love balance.

It's ironic that during the highs and lows of the pandemic, a spa day would have meant so much, yet unfortunately was so unobtainable based on the high contact nature of the services. This dynamic has caused the industry to rethink and reimagine itself, by taking social distancing, touchpoints, and PPE into account. These changes and the renewed need to prioritize personal wellness is exactly what inspired the seasoned duo to create Wellness Lifestyle at Home.

How are they doing it? Esteban and Agustina are now bringing professional spa services to the comfort of your own home, and it's just one click away.

Esteban brings 18 years of experience in the luxury wellness industry, with expertise in leadership, developing unique services, and training programs. Agustina brings over 17 years in the hospitality industry as operations and sales & marketing leader.

Together they've created a brand that offers a portfolio of services such as bodywork services, personal and group fitness, Yoga, Pilates, and private chef experiences.

A few of their spa services include their signature massage, deep tissue massage, sports massage, Thai massage and so much more.

We inspire and nurture a healthy lifestyle at home by connecting people to meaningful resources and services.

5 Mind, Body, and Spirit Wellness Tips from Esteban and Augustina

1. Eat Well:

Research supports a diet of highly processed foods, with little nutrients, plays a significant impact on not only your body but also your mind. Good nutrition allows you to feel good from the inside out.

2. Be Thankful for Every Day:

Take time to practice gratitude. If you wake up finding it hard to have a positive attitude, then do some work to change your mindset. It can be easy to forget to take a minute or so to reflect and to think about the things in your life that you are grateful for.

3. Fit in Fitness:

Exercise can help to relieve anxiety. Those feel-good endorphins that follow a good workout are great, am I right? When practiced regularly, fitness can also improve emotional resilience making you better able to cope with familial stress and tension.

4. Avoid Self-Comparison:

Comparison can take its toll on many people resulting in lowered self-esteem or a lower sense of self-worth.

5. Reflect:

Making time to reflect is a powerful thing. Take time to reflect on the past day or week and reflect on how you resolved problems.

Wellness Lifestyle at Home is offering its services to Central Florida communities and businesses, however, they plan to scale the business to other cities in the future.

Make time for the things that bring you happiness. You can’t give to others if you have nothing left to give.

To learn more about Esteban and Agustina's, vision, read their full interview with H&F Redefined. You can also follow them on Instagram and Facebook or and book your service on their website at Wellness Lifestyle at Home.

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