Start Your Summer Adventures In The Green!

With Inspiring Golf Pro, Tony Keeton

Get ready to explore your summer adventures! The local Orange County National Golf Center is an open public golf course, while it shares a national and international reputation as one of the finest professional golf courses in the world! Tony Keeton is their inspiring and celebrated Master Golf Instructor and Head of OCN Golf Instruction.

Originally from England, Keeton was inspired by his father, who started to play golf with him when he was only 7. His father bought him an 8 iron to play with. Then, his Christmas gift was a full set of golf clubs. From that point, he started to work at golf courses in the pro shop while taking lessons and helping run tournaments. He also quickly became a well-respected golf instructor. He began to follow all of the top golfers and tournaments while starting to perfect his own swing and game. After going to the British Open in 1988, he wanted to become a professional golfer. Keeton became the runner-up at the National Junior Boy’s Championship in the UK at 17 years old. He was ranked as one of the top 10 competitive amateur junior golfers in England. With an accomplished junior golf career, Keeton has competed against other nationally ranked players such as Justin Rose, Sergio Garcia, and Francesco Molinari. He earned a golf scholarship to Campbell University in North Carolina to study golf and professional golf management.

With many years of instructional golf experience to teach others, he has worked with many top-ranked professional players, including PGA Tour winners, Champions Tour players, state champions, and NCAA Division 1 nationally ranked players. He has also personally coached numerous celebrities and national sports figures. He has many regular local clients as well as others from all over the USA and Canada, some of which he teaches virtually with weekly lessons. Armed him with a background of experience and expertise, he remains passionate to share what he knows with his clients as they work together to improve their golf games.

Keeton notes, “While OCN is already nationally ranked as one of the best golf courses, I am proud to be helping keep our Orange County National Golf Center on the map.” Today, as Head of OCN Golf Instruction, he offers personalized golf instruction with basics for beginners, children, and less experienced teachers as well as those who are more advanced. Some are newbie beginners at golf, while others are just aspiring to achieve greatness by winning golf tournaments, improved swings, and perfected strokes.

Keeton has an endless array of golf awards and honors with about ten different diverse golf instruction certifications from across the USA. He is a Certified Master Instructor with the United States Golf Teachers Federation -- USGTF. He is a Certified Master Instructor with the Professional Golf Teachers & Coaches of America – PGTCA. He is many certifications with the Mitchell Golf Equipment Company. He is also a Certified Plane Truth Golf Instructor, which is considered one of the top ten best instructional golf institutions.

The Orange County National Golf Center has a variety of exciting new golfing opportunities available for children, teens, and adults. Three summer Junior Golf Camps are planned, with registration now open. They have a First Tee Program for beginning juniors. The Orange County National Golf Center features Florida's Premier Golf Academy and the largest driving range and practice facility in America. Keeton shares, “With two excellent 18-hole courses, you can play the Crooked Cat and the Panther Lake championship golf courses. You can come to OCN to play our par-three executive course – The Tooth.” The Orange County National ‘Golf Performance Village’ was created to be a one-stop golf destination to improve your game.

Virtual Success! Keeton notes, “I always become more inspired when I see the kids out here! I have been teaching one kid online lessons since he was only 6 years old. He just won the Texas Junior Open, while beating the current Junior World Champion.” Keeton has been effectively teaching an autistic young man who wants to play in the next Special Olympics. Together, they work on how to best take on the mental and physical challenges of the game so that he will be ready for the national tournament competition. Keeton has weekly Facetime appointments for lessons with various aged clients, where they review everything from the basics with a complete video review of their swings as well as their strategic mental and physical game performances.

Keeton shares, “My dad remains my idol. He is the most determined man I have ever met. From him, I have learned that to achieve greatness in golf, you must get up early, consistently practice and continually push yourself to meet all of the many strategic challenges of your golf game. If you fail to prepare, then prepare to fail.” Keeton further notes how your attitude, breathing, focus, psychology, pre-shot routine and even learning how to smell the grass … are all important things to complement your perfected swing in any weather. He adds, “The golf swing is like a signature. No two golf swing are alike. Every student that I work with is unique. I relish in the task of taking what they have, and together we grow by putting in the missing links.” Keeton also adds, “If you cannot learn by the way I teach, then I will teach you the way you learn!”

Inspired by music and celebrated golfers from a young age, Keeton tried to dress, act and perform like the great golf role models. He carefully studied their every move. He loves his music, wife and kids! He has his favorite golf courses to play across the globe, including Tobacco Road Golf Club in North Carolina and the challenging courses of the British Isles. He notes, “I have learned how to be outgoing, extroverted and confident while teaching these attributes and many others to my client students. Together, we are always smelling the fresh air, swinging for success, and meeting the many diverse challenges of golf!.”

(contact Tony Keeton directly at 919-333-9024,,, or

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