Once Upon a Time at The Madison

This fairy tale is just beginning...

Article by Lynette Carrington

Photography by Tracy & Jeremiah Scheffer - Blushing Cactus Photography

Originally published in Gilbert City Lifestyle

When we set out to create a photo shoot for this fashion issue, little did we know we were in for a crazy journey that played out like a scene from the Oscar-winning movie, “La La Land.” We already had our expert entertainment photographers from Blushing Cactus Photography.

Then, through a fun series of events that went from an art gallery invite and interview, to a delicate dance of networking, we secured the Madison Center for the Arts for our photo shoot. Models? We needed Gilbert residents who could have fun on camera, and the Madison’s new executive director Ari Levin also has an acting background. It was natural fit. His son, Barrett Honors College at ASU student, Jonah Levin is a model. The script was writing itself!

I modeled years ago and l called in the help of my daughter who had also done modeling and acting. What would we wear? Top Arizona designer Angela Johnson graciously provided my daughter and I two whimsical dresses that make an upscale play off the “T-shirts and jeans” often casual dress aesthetic of Gilbert. The designer for the men, JC Donaldson was a familiar face from seeing his charming work at the Polo Championships.

In the end, we let the unique magic of the Madison speak to us and we helped reveal some of its secrets through photos. All of us involved in the fashion shoot hope you enjoy our visual story!

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