Preparing your Athletes for Sports Tryouts

Tips for Raising a Confident Athlete and Discovering their WHY's and setting achievable goals

For many kids, sports are a huge part of their life. They love to play and they have big dreams
about their future as an athlete.
The hard work and dedication to the physical aspect of their sport is an important part for them
to become the best that they can be. But the mental side of the game is just as important and
often the differentiating factor between successful athletes.
This is where I come in and have the opportunity to work with athletes to build their confidence,
create a powerful mindset, and unlock their full potential.
After this past year and the mental roller coaster these student athletes went though, this is
more important than ever.
If you have a son or daughter who will be trying-out for a sport, consider what they’ve been
through and how you might be able to help them prepare for the upcoming season.

Which Athletes Should be Working on Their Mental Game?
That’s easy... All Of Them!
In my program, The Confident Athlete ( ) I work with
athletes ranging from middle school to professionals.
Developing self-confidence and a growth mindset is an advantage for athletes of all ages and at
all levels. Plus, these are skills that they take far beyond their sport.

How Do I Help My Son/Daughter Get Their Drive Back?
Some of these young athletes have dedicated years to the sport they love and have had big
goals and dreams. But after this past year they feel defeated and have lost their drive.
The most important things I help these athletes figure out and you should talk to your
son/daughter about are:
- Why do you play?
- Who are you playing for? (yourself or someone else) It’s amazing how many are playing
because they don’t want to disappoint a parent or coach.
- What are your goals? (They MUST have clearly defined, written out goals
- What is your ‘Why” behind each goal?

How Do You Help an Athlete Build Their Self-Confidence?
Confidence is being prepared. But there is a lot more to it than just putting in the practice.
What is happening in the mind has a major impact on confidence.
Creating powerful self-talk is one of the first things I work on with my athletes. Other areas of
importance are body language, visualization, habits, and how they all tie together.

Show Them You Care
Regardless of their age or skill level, talk to your athlete about how this past year has impacted
them. Discuss these ideas and how they could help their mental preparation for their season.
If they are serious about building their confidence, developing a powerful mindset and unlocking
their full potential, register them for The Confident Athlete Program at

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