A Dazzling Discovery

Speaking With Dr. Vivian Valenty on her Unique, Long-Lasting Nail Polish System

Article by Michelle Glicksman

Photography by Courtesy Dazzle Dry

Originally published in Chandler Lifestyle

Tell us about Dazzle Dry...

Dazzle Dry is a uniquely transformational polish system for natural nails that air dries fast, wears without chipping for 7 to 14 days like a gel, and wipes off with regular polish remover like a traditional polish, without turning nails yellow. The products are also non-toxic—we use only vegan, non-allergenic, non-endocrine disrupting ingredients. 

What prompted you to create this product?

In 1997, I realized the need for a nail polish system to solve the problems with traditional polishes: they take too long to dry, chip prematurely, turn nails yellow, and contain known allergens and endocrine disruptors. As a chemist with product development successes, I knew that I could create a healthy product that solves these problems. After 10 years, I launched Dazzle Dry as the first quick-drying, long-wear nail polish that does not involve chemically reactive ingredients and UV light. To this day, Dazzle Dry is the only nail polish system of its kind.

What do you love about Dazzle Dry?

I love that Dazzle Dry allows people who want beautifully polished and healthy natural nails to save time and money without compromising their health. And, I love that with the success of Dazzle Dry, I am help others and the planet through our social responsibility initiatives, including partnering with WeForest for its reforestation program, and donating 1% of Dazzle Dry mini kits sales to nonprofits supporting education.

Why did you choose Chandler for your headquarters?

Chandler had land available at the right price. With the fire chief’s advice, we built a safe facility for our staff that’s kind to the environment. Over the years, we recognized that Chandler supports small businesses, embraces diversity, is clean, and fiscally well run.

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