How to Use Darker Colors In Your Home

Tips for Making it Feel Timeless + Rich

Article by Lanie Draper

I get it. Going dark can be scary, especially if you’re typically drawn to lighter colors like the ever so popular white. However, when done correctly, dark colors won’t make your home feel like a haunted house, but rather timeless and rich. 

Start With a Small Space

Test the waters with a small space first. If you’re not totally sure that going dark is your cup of tea, then don’t start by painting the biggest room in your house or your kitchen cabinets a moody hue. 

Another great option is to pick just a portion of a space to paint dark, such as bookcases or vanities, while still leaving your walls light. I personally love a home with pops of dark yet muted colors, and high contrast, because it allows for so many different opportunities to highlight my décor.

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  • moody-blue-mudroom-300?v=1

Commit to It

Oh why not, just go for it! As my mom always says, ‘What’s the worst thing that’s going to happen? You paint over it?’ Sometimes you just can’t get the full impact of dark colors without fully committing. Going dark in the two spaces below is what makes them so eye-catching! 

  • dark-blue-and-gold-powder-room%20-300?v=1
  • green-modern-kitchen-300?v=1

Are you ready to give it a try? If so, here are some dark colors I’m loving! 

  • dark-blue-and-gold-powder-room%20_1-300?v=1

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