Honoring Our Local Heroes

Chandler Veterans: Path of Honor Welcomes Residents

Article by Michelle Talsma Everson

Photography by Photos and Veteran Information Courtesy of the City of Chandler and Chandler Museum

Originally published in Chandler Lifestyle

When you ask a veteran or their family about their service, they often paint a picture of experiences and sacrifices that many civilians can only imagine.

This month, the City of Chandler will host its first-ever Chandler Veterans: Path of Honor. Throughout November, locals can visit Chandler Veterans Oasis Park and take a stroll along the Path of Honor, which will recognize 20 Chandler veterans along the way.

“Visitors will see the veterans’ photos, and learn a few facts about them and their military service, while giving them the opportunity to reflect on their service to our country,” says Chandler Museum Collections Coordinator Nate Meyers.

To make this project possible, the Chandler Museum is working on a Chandler Veterans Database. To submit digital photos to the database, visit ChandlerAZ.gov/veteransdatabase. To donate original photographs, scrapbooks, uniforms or other items that help document a veteran’s story, contact Meyers at 480.782.2877.

Zora Folley
United States Army

Claiming to be older than he was, Zora Folley enlisted in the Army at 16 years old. He earned five battle stars and a Purple Heart fighting in Korea. During his time in the military, he discovered a love of boxing. Winning the All-Army and All-Services Heavyweight Championships launched him on a professional boxing career for more than a decade.

Carlos Lapaglia
United States Navy

Carlos Lapaglia enlisted in the Navy after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Lapaglia was assigned to the USS Indianapolis for a secret mission: the delivery of the atomic bomb. After the mission, theIndianapolis was sunk by a submarine, killing hundreds of sailors. Lapaglia survived the ordeal, returning to Chandler to farm after the war.

Arthur E. Price
United States Army

An attorney by trade, and business partner of town founder Dr. A. J. Chandler by marriage, Art Price enlisted in the Army during World War I. He was commissioned a second lieutenant before shipping out to France where he served as an artillery instructor. After returning stateside, he was stationed at Camp Funston in Kansas.

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