Great Family Photo Shoot Locations

Family photo shoots create memorable experiences and keepsakes. Choosing a location and a photographer can also accentuate that experience. Whether you are drawn to a more traditional backdrop or interested in a unique and off the beaten path locale, this is our guide to great family photo shoots.

  1. Photo By: Photo by Joyce Selk

    Downtown Ocotillo


    Find a myriad of interesting backdrops, nooks, and textures to use as a backdrop in Downtown Ocotillo

  2. Photo By: Photo by Joyce Selk

    Fulton Ranch


    Fulton Ranch is a picturesque destination with its landscape features and beautiful ponds.

  3. Photo By: Photo courtesy City of Chandler


    In Downtown Chandler, find a variety of murals, breezeways, and unique areas—such as the top of the parking garage—that serve as great backdrops.

  4. Photo By: Photo courtesy City of Chandler

    Veterans Oasis Park


    A lake, scenic trails, pretty pavilions, and more at Veterans Oasis Park provides inspiration for perfect photos.

  5. Photo By: Photo courtesy Chandler-Gilbert Community College

    Chandler Gilbert Community College


    The distinctive architecture of the artwork-surrounded bridge at Ironwood Hall Bridge at Chandler Gilbert Community College adds another dimension to your images.

  6. Photo By: Photo by Joyce Selk

    The Grove


    Pose amongst the trees at The Gove, where a grove of trees makes a picture-perfect image naturally good.

  7. Photo By: Courtesy Arizona Railway Museum

    Arizona Railway Museum


    Get your photos on track with the backdrop of the Arizona Railway Museum.

  8. Photo By: Photo by Joyce Selk

    Orbital complex


    Go for a picturesque background with a lake, head to the former Orbital complex.

  9. Photo By: Photo courtesy Greenhouse Gardens

    Greenhouse Gardens


    Get in touch with your Earthy side with a photo shoot at Greenhouse Gardens, an urban market garden.

  10. Photo By: Photo courtesy City of Chandler

    Paseo Vista Recreation Area


    For outdoor adventurers and those who want an elevated viewpoint with 360-degree views, Paseo Vista Recreation Area is a great location.

  11. Photo By: Photo by Orchid + Bloom Photography

    Old Town Scottsdale


    In Old Town Scottsdale, there's historic charm—plenty of urban wall backdrops, canal bridges, and Western-infused landmarks. And, Civic Center Plaza boasts vast greenery and the area’s staple “LOVE” statue.

  12. Photo By: Photo by Orchid + Bloom Photography

    McCormick Ranch


    If you envision a lake shot at sunset, McCormick Ranch is for you. It’s a dream spot with bodies of water, tunnels, greenery, mature trees, and bridges, plus mountain views.

  13. Photo By: Photo by Orchid + Bloom Photography

    Gateway Trail—McDowell Mountain


    At the base of the McDowell Mountains, the Gateway Trail is an ideal hot spot for a mature desert landscape photo shoot. Aim to shoot at sunset.

  14. Photo By: Photo by Orchid + Bloom Photography

    Market Street at DC Ranch


    A local favorite for the mature desert landscape and rustic architecture, Market Street at DC Ranch boasts rustic wall backdrops and easy accessible walking trails to mature desert landscape.

  15. Photo By: Photo by Orchid + Bloom Photography

    Desert Garden Park—Scottsdale Ranch


    At Desert Garden Park, you will find a desert landscaped park with lush desert landscape, benches, and walking trails perfect for young families.

  16. Photo By: Photo by Orchid + Bloom Photography

    Riparian Preserve At Water Ranch


    Lake views, lush landscape, and cacti are all part of the Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch. This picturesque is great for a desert-infused photoshoot.

  17. Photo By: Photo by Orchid + Bloom Photography

    Phon D Sutton Recreation Area


    The Phon D Sutton Recreation Area is rich in mountain and Salt River views—and there's a possibility of seeing wild horses! Trail walking; parking fees required. 

  18. Photo By: Photo by Orchid + Bloom Photography

    Desert Botanical Garden


    Walk stunning paths lined with beautiful desert terrain and cacti. The landscape, murals, and Papago Park Butte views make the Desert Botanical Garden a local gem. 

  19. Photo By: Photo by Orchid + Bloom Photography

    The Farm At Agritopia


    The Farm at Agritopia is perfect for a bright and lush green shoot with white ranch rail fences, citrus trees, gardens, and versatile wall backdrops. Permit pass required.

  20. Photo By: Photo by Orchid + Bloom Photography

    Papago Park


    Papago Park is known for its red butte views, hiking trails, and lagoons. Bring an extra pair of comfy shoes to hike around and capture stunning backdrop views.

  21. Photo By: Dana Gibbons Photography

    Westgate Entertainment District


    Strike a pose against the beautiful backdrops at Westgate Entertainment District in Glendale. The complex features art displays, installations and boardwalks perfect for family snaps.

  22. Photo By: Pixypros Arrowhead

    Pixypros Arrowhead


    Forget yesteryear's family photos. At Pixypros Arrowhead, a selfie museum at Arrowhead Mall, you will find everything you need for fun family photos. 

  23. Photo By: City of Peoria

    Paloma Community Park


    VIDA by Beth Nybeck in Paloma Community Park is a Cordon Steel structure that represents an agave plant. Great photo opps at sunrise and sunset.

  24. Photo By: City of Peoria

    Peoria Fusion Demonstration Garden


    The Peoria Fusion Demonstration Garden is a desert oasis outside of City Hall. The colorful backdrop includes more than 100 desert-adapted and native plants.

  25. Photo By: City of Peoria

    Lake Pleasant Regional Park - Official


    The shores of Lake Pleasant offer a dramatic backdrop of water, desert, cacti, and mountains. Rent a boat for a unique photo family photo.

  26. Photo By: City of Peoria

    Westwing Neighborhood Park


    Peoria includes more than 20 miles of multi-use trails. Hike up Sunrise Mountain Trail for dramatic Valley backdrops. Start from Westwing Neighborhood Park.

  27. Photo By: City of Glendale

    Historic Sahuaro Ranch


    Sahuaro Ranch Park is a historic ranch with gardens orchards, and groves filled with birds and colorful peacocks. Great for a picnic and family photos.

  28. Boojum Tree


    Boojum Tree Hidden Garden is a 5-acre oasis of trees, fountains, ponds, a river and a 20-foot waterfall. Open house every Tuesday from 6-8 pm.

  29. White Tank Mountain Regional Park


    White Tank Mountain Regional Park,15 miles west of the 101, has 11 archeological sites, hiking trails, and picnic areas. Sunrise and sunset is especially photogenic.

  30. Photo By: Photo by ksblack99/flickr

    Japanese Friendship Garden Of Phoenix


    A tea garden, 1,500 tons of hand-picked rock, stone foot bridges, flowing streams, a Koi pond, and a 12-foot waterfall await at the Japanese Friendship Garden of Phoenix.

  31. Photo By: Photo by Allyson Jeffrey Scott

    Saguaro Hotel


    The fun and colorful mural at the front of the Saguaro Hotel in downtown Scottsdale hotel makes any family photo pop.

  32. Photo By: Photo courtesy of Scottsdale Arts

    Robert Indiana's "Love" sculpture


    The iconic Robert Indiana’s “Love” sculpture with a timeless message at the Scottsdale Civic Center needs no explanation.

  33. Photo By: Photo by Georgann Yara

    Tempe Center for the Arts


    This stunning Tempe Center for the Arts offers impactful backdrops, from its glass façade to the water features that spool around the entrance to the shimmering water off Tempe Town Lake.

  34. Photo By: Photo courtesy of the Phoenix Zoo

    Phoenix Zoo


    A natural for family smiles, the Phoenix Zoo’s range of backgrounds spans winding desert pathways and water features to the unpredictable potential photo-bombing by its residents.

  35. Photo By: Photo by Andrew Pielage

    Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin West


    At Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West, historical architecture and the stunning beauty of the McDowell Mountains combine to make elegant backdrops.

  36. Photo By: Photo courtesy of McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park

    McCormick Stillman Railroad Park


    Choose from carousel, actual railroad cars, and picturesque mountain sceneries at McCormick Stillman Railroad Park.

  37. Photo By: Photo courtesy of Boulders Resort & Spa

    Boulders Resort & Spa


    If raw desert beauty with an edge is what you seek, the endless spots inspired by the Boulders Resort & Spa’s name gives you lots of answers.

  38. Photo By: Tracy Hupko Photograpy

    Superstition Mountain - Lost Dutchman Museum


    Perhaps nowhere in the entire United States is there an area full of legend, history and intrigue as the rugged 160,000 acre Superstition Mountain range

  39. Photo By: Dana Gibbons

    Salt River Tubing


    Just minutes from Phoenix, the Salt River is a recreational paradise that offers "chills and thrills" with cool and refreshing mountain-stream waters.

  40. Photo By: Pam Rogan

    Arizona Farm Bureau


    Just off Higley Road just behind the Farmer's Building you have access to the 2nd most iconic spot in Gilbert.  The 4 silos and the lake at sunset near Morrison Ranch. 


  41. Four Silos Farm & Olive Grove


    Four Silos Farm, established in 1925. Now a rustic urban farm and olive grove with a small intimate meadow-like space tucked in among the 100+ mature trees. 

  42. Photo By: Blue Haught

    Heritage District


    Dodging the crowds is well wort the shots you can get in the Heritage district with the Iconic Gilbert Water Tower looming in the background

  43. Photo By: Blushing Cactus Photography

    Ohso Brewery


    OHSO Brewery does it again with the ultimate Gilbert Wall for Photos.  You don't have to guess where you are.  

  44. Photo By: Tracy Hupko

    Elvis Presley Memorial Chapel


    This western scene at Elvis Presley Memorial Chapel just makes you want to renew your vows and is the most unforgettable proposal location