Our Picks to Rest & Recharge

With another busy year behind us, you owe it to yourself to take a breath, a break, and reset your physical, mental and emotional being. Enjoy these relaxing and rejuvenating local experiences to get you set for the year ahead.

  1. Photo By: @offtheaz303

    Lake Pleasant Regional Park


    There is something so peaceful about water! Lake Pleasant offers a relaxing sanctuary whether it's hiking throughout or sitting and watching the boats drift by.

  2. Restore Hyper Wellness


    This is one of the best places to go for recovery. They offer a list of different services.

  3. Queen Creek Library Blood Drive


    Vitalant will host a community blood drive at the Queen Creek Library on January 11, 2023 from 1:30 - 6:30pm. The donations help Maricopa hospitals. 

  4. Photo By: @offtheaz303

    Thunderbird Conservation Park


    Reaching a summit is the ultimate recharge, no matter the size of the mountain. Sunrise Trail at Thunderbird Conservation Park is one of our favorites.

  5. True REST Float Spa


    Float Therapy is amazing for helping you get better sleep, stress relief, and even in some cases pain relief.

  6. Tai Chi at Boyce Arboretum


    Boyce Arboretum is hosting Tai Chi for balance on January 12, 2023 at 9:30am. Enjoy the gentle movements within the peaceful setting of the garden.

  7. Photo By: @WanderWithWonder

    Social On 83rd


    An uplifting vibe and an impressive menu. It's a perfect spot to reconnect with your husband and friends over boards and bubbles!

  8. QC Reflexology


    Let's be real, one of the best things to do is have a full-blown hour massage.

  9. Queen Creek Running Company


    Queen Creek Running Company is holding its weekly run every Thursday. Meet at the Four Silos at 6:30pm, all ages welcome! queencreekrunningcompany.com

  10. Photo By: @offtheaz303

    Well Coffee Co.


    The Honey Lavender Latte is the perfect blend of rest and recharge! We like to enjoy a cup and then walk Westwing Mountain Trail. 

  11. Arizona Grand Resort SPA


    One of my all-time favorite places to go for rest and recovery is the Arizona Grand resort spa.

  12. Tao Martial Arts


    January 26-27th Tao Martial Arts will be hosting top self-defense instructors from around the country for their annual Split Second Survival Self-Defense Seminar. taomartialarts.net/sss-seminar-2023

  13. Aspen Chiropractic & Wellness


    Massage days are the best days! The pros here are dedicated to making you feel your best. We visit frequently!

  14. Photo By: Ali Lewis

    Joe's Farm Grill


    Growing up on a farm, I love feeling the vibes at Joe’s Farm grill.

  15. San Tan Mountain Regional Park


    San Tan Mountain Regional Park will host a 'Ride with Confidence' bike trail session and skills. Bring your bike, helmet, and water bottle. 


  16. Downtown Gilbert


    A giant part of recovery is the social aspect. If you are feeling connected with your friends, you will feel recharged.

  17. Gilbert Yoga


    Yoga is different from regular stretching. Yoga will make you work your muscles, but from lots of static holds.

  18. Vitality Bowls - Gilbert


    To really recover correctly, you need to fuel your body. One of my personal favorite ways to do this is with a Acai bowl.

  19. Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch


    Grab your walking shoes or a bike and take a nice recovery day stroll around the riparian preserve.

  20. Fat Cats Gilbert


    Check out Fat Cats, when you need to just sit and relax - a good movie is the place to go.