Summertime Social

City Lifestyle Partners Enjoy the Warm Weather at Cameo Cakery and Cafe in Richmond

Article by Joanna Tannenbaum

Photography by Nia Negrette and Philip Andrews

Originally published in Midlothian Lifestyle

Midlothian Lifestyle and Short Pump City Lifestyle hosted several partners at Cameo Cakery and Café’s charming outdoor patio in May to discuss their stories and future business goals. Guests included Paul Hearn of Dog Training Elite; Sophia and Anthony Quintana of DRIPBaR; Dr. Neil Agnihotri, accompanied by his wife, Dr. Rupal Shah, and Marketing Director Alyse LaFollette of Agnihotri Cosmetic Facial Surgery; and Tiara Holloway, Jessica Myrick, and Danielle Shackleford of RVA Design Group. While snacking on savory cakes, salads, and charcuterie board treats with a private wine tasting with All About The Grapes, Aaron Swart with The Brand Artisan Consulting Group and Naylor Taliaferro with LCR Media captured the delightful conversations on The Brand Artisan podcast.

Paul Hearn has many things to look forward to this summer; purchasing a training facility, hiring additional staff, and offering scent training are just a few of his plans. As the summer brings more outdoor gatherings and adventures, Paul explains the importance of having a well-behaved dog if you want them to tag along at all the fun, outside summer happenings. Having recently completed scent training accreditations, he is passionate about helping dogs achieve the ability to aid their owners with severe medical conditions like diabetes and post-traumatic stress disorder. Other than training dogs, Paul shares that mountain biking at Pocahontas State Park is his favorite activity to do during the summer. 

Anthony and Sophia Quintana offer vitamin therapy through various IV drips at the DRIPBaR. In Richmond, the summers can be sweltering, and it’s critical to keep your body hydrated, especially while attending outdoor events with sunshine, activities, and drinking. Sophia and Anthony recommend the Restoration Drip before you start your day in the sun. A supplemental to drinking water, the Restoration Drip is packed with vitamin C, magnesium, B12, B complex, and glutathione. Sophia and Anthony are sure to get the Restoration Drip before heading to the beach or traveling the water’s edge, their favorite summer activities, respectively.

Whether performing cosmetic procedures or providing injectables, Dr. Agnihotri loves improving the lives of his patients. He firmly believes caring for our bodies starts from the inside out, not just from a vanity viewpoint. He expresses that healthy habits are critical for skin, and drinking water is one of the most important things we can do, especially in these hot summer months. He also offers a hydrafacial treatment that directly delivers products into the skin to cleanse, hydrate, and tone. Dr. Agnihotri performs all the procedures himself, and proud wife Rupal says he doesn't overdo it, providing natural results. In addition to hydration, Alyse mentions that applying SPF protects your skin from sun damage, wrinkling, and aging. She always does so before hopping on her boat to explore Lake Anna!

A new partner to Short Pump City Lifestyle, the RVA Design Group, was founded by Tiara Holloway of Vivacious Interiors by Tiara. Tiara created the group to support and provide resources to fellow designers because she found it challenging to find direction when she first started in the business. After recruiting Jessica Myrick of J. Lynn Interior Designs and Danielle Shackelford of Dani Designed It, RVA Design Group climbed to fifty members comprised of interior designers, organizers, stagers, contractors, and realtors.

With different personalities and strengths brought to the table, the three women work together to achieve the same goal of growing the group and ensuring that everybody inside the group is growing individually. Planning and attending network events are the keys to thriving, and they hope to add more realtors and builders to the RVA Design Group. When the ladies aren’t designing connoisseurs, Tiara loves to walk, bike, hang out at the beach, and zipline with her son, and both Jessica and Danielle prefer to be on the sandy beaches during the summer. 

The podcasts, spread across two days, gave Midlothian Lifestyle and Short Pump City Lifestyle magazines the perfect opportunity to catch up with their valued partners in a charismatic atmosphere.

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