Bringing Back The Smörgåsbord

Inspire Holiday Gatherings Through a 'Scandinavian Table'

Charcuterie is a widespread trend this holiday season, but the smörgåsbord is a unique iteration of serving meals at a party that can be used to really elevate celebrations.

Originally debuted in 1939 at the New York World’s Fair exhibition, this iconic Scandinavian meal presentation is a great way to inspire holiday meals. Scandinavia and Sweden, in particular, have a special place in my heart, with my grandma’s relatives immigrating from Småland, Sweden and having studied abroad there in college. I had the amazing experience firsthand of the way their gatherings focus on heartfelt connection. The center of a Swedish holiday celebration is often the smörgåsbord, plum full of goodies.

What exactly makes a smörgåsbord? It stretches further than America's charcuterie boards -- incorporating hot and cold dishes in a buffet-style setup. It’s a giant grazing table for guests to snack from throughout the evening, sparking conversation and encouraging mingling. Think about a charcuterie board-initiated next level, stretching across the entire table.

When incorporating a smörgåsbord style serving setup, take color into mind. I like to think of the dishes as decor themselves -- adding greenery or berries for pops of red and green. Fruits, such as oranges, pears, cranberries or even apple slices, make for beautiful coloring as well as holiday candy, cinnamon stocks and pine cones. Decorative napkins and serve ware also can be displayed with small decor items, such as evergreen sprigs, bells, ornaments and festive glassware.

Smörgåsbords give everyone a chance to be creative and to impress guests. Cheers!

Shopping List:

  • Colorful fruit
  • Botanicals
  • Festive glassware
  • Patterned napkins
  • Bells, ornaments and small decor items
  • Candles
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