Living Analog In Digital World

"It’s Time To Rethink How We Use Devices," Implores Leader In Guarded Approach Toward Technology

Digital minimalism is the way forward, declares Olivia Orman, founder/CEO of Livin’ Analog. She also works in tandem with the local company Publishing Concepts, LLC. 

Olivia initiated a personal and professional development project in St. Louis to provide resources for corporations, entrepreneurs and backward-looking thinkers curious about more analog ways of approaching life. She poses, "While digital tools can increase connection and productivity, many individuals are finding it’s diminishing human experiences, such as conversation, practicing hobbies and living in the present moment."

She adds the project goal is to clearly define what roles technology has in achieving specific objectives. Outside of those functions, she encourages people to live more analog while coexisting in a digital world.

Rather than be tethered to electronic devices, Olivia lists her favorite device-free activities as reading, writing, kayaking, hiking, biking, rock climbing, walking, yoga, exploring, traveling, playing musical instruments, writing music, innovating and painting. 

"On a societal level, we have an addiction on our hands, so it's time to rethink how we're using our electronic devices," Olivia states.

When people depend on smartphones, she says it can really impact their productivity, creativity, critical thinking skills and communications. "It's better to set boundaries for electronic tools, assigning them to just task-specific roles."

This fall, Olivia plans to assist others' transformations to digital minimalism by hosting the first Livin’ Analog Day Retreat, an entirely phone-free event. Consult her website for resources.

"Living in the present and being able to analyze what's truly going on in your mind, rather than glued to a cellphone, are just two of many benefits gained from living more analog." ~Olivia Orman

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