10 Tips to Survive Long Haul Flights

Article by Renee Rayles

How to Survive Long Haul Flights originally published on Renee Rayles

Often some of the best destinations mean enduring exceedingly long flights. Looking at a flight itinerary of 10 hours or more can feel overwhelming, but pre-planning can help with entertaining yourself and take the fret out of flying. Here are 10 ideas that don’t include just relying on the plane’s entertainment system for an enjoyable flight.

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1. Kick Start Something New 

That new business, writing that book you always talk about, that online class, that thing you keep putting off and say you’ll do once you have time. START IT! When flying, most often, the airplane is quiet. This is the perfect time to take advantage of quiet time without interruptions and get that thing started, and possibly even completed. Set a goal, create a timeline, and get it done!

2. Plan Your Trip 

Finalize your trip plans and find off the beaten path opportunities to explore. Perhaps you have been so busy getting ready to leave, you haven’t had time to plan your trip thoroughly. It’s not too late to put together an itinerary. Get your game plan together to see and do all the things you want to explore. Purchase an hour of internet, often an hour is often included in international flights, or bring a travel book on your destination to finalize details. Don’t miss anything on your trip!

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3. Become an Expert 

You can start to become an expert in something after traveling lengthy amounts of time. Read a book or books, watch videos on it and devote the flight to learning something new. Just think, a 10-hour flight each way is 20 hours on a subject! That’s a lot of time to start working on a new hobby or starting to become an expert in something new.

4. Journal

Often times in a fast-moving world it is hard to devote time to write with so many other things taking our quiet time. A plane is a perfect place to write and journal. There is nothing like looking at the window at 30,000 feet above land in the clouds. Use that flying above the world mentality to propel your thoughts and ideas to expound upon your creativity.

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5. Catch Up 

Download movies and television shows you’ve been wanting to catch up on or start on your phone. Netflix and Amazon Prime offer easy ways to download your favorites to your phone and watch them in the air. You will need wi-fi to download them to your phone, computer, or tablet. Then, easily watch them without the Internet in the air.

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6. Dinner and a View 

New chef selections for flights offer a tasty menu for travelers. Many airlines are now offering celebrity chef menus. Air France states they are entrusting its La Première and Business menus to 7 Michelin-starred chefs on departure from Paris. In November of 2019, Delta is launching bistro-style dining and free cocktail service for economy passengers traveling internationally.

Food allergies or preferences? Most airlines offer selections to passengers as long as it’s requested 24-48 before your flight. Often this can be found in your settings on the carrier’s website. This will not be available if purchasing from a third party and on their site. An easy fix is to call the airlines and update your preferences. Looking forward to a nice meal and a glass of wine at 30,000 feet is pretty spectacular. Where else can you get a view from the sky with dinner?

7. Sleep

If you have a lengthy flight, stay up late or get up early, so you are sleepy on your flight. There is nothing like waking up after sleeping a majority of a flight and knowing you are almost there. This is also a great way to get on the time schedule of your new destination.

*If you tend to oversleep and miss alarms, or are driving to the airport, get your full nights sleep! Safety and wellness first.

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8. Read

Read all those magazines, books, emails and everything else you want and need to catch up on. Quiet time helps with focusing and now you can have that clarity for reading, catching up work emails, or relax with a new book.

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9. Clean Up Your Phone 

When monotonous tasks that have to be done at some point, meet boredom on a long flight, it’s the perfect time to clean up your electronic devices. Those texts, emails, and old apps you don’t use take up space on your devices. Now is the perfect time to clean them out! Get more storage back before you land and have space for photos and videos.

10. Make a Movie 

Learn how to use iMovie or the Android movie app and learn how to make a movie on your phone. Make sure if you are downloading one to use, you do it before your flight. Movie making apps create an opportunity to make memories in a fun and creative way that photos cannot generate. Why not learn how to make a movie about what you are getting ready to see and do? Learn how to add music, titles, and different cuts of videos.

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When in doubt, there is always the inflight entertainment system. Easily look up what’s available on the entertainment system of your flight for your days of travel. A simple Google search is often all that’s needed to find out what movies will be playing while you are flying. Plan out your must-watch movies. Eat a great meal and enjoy a glass of wine above the clouds. Learn something new, or just relax. Being able to take ten or more hours on a flight without all the nuisances and distractions of life can actually be pretty freeing while flying.

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