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Nancy Scott Of Nancy's Concierge Services Creates Intimate At-Home Dinner Parties For The Holidays And Beyond

Nancy Scott knows how to ‘party’. Owner of Nancy’s Concierge Service, Nancy’s many years of experience in the hotel and hospitality industries have translated into a talent for making her clients’ party visions come to life.

“There is nothing like hosting a dinner party in your own home, especially around the holidays,” Nancy explains. “You get to write the menu, eat and drink what you like, pick the music, and be in your comfort zone. You can begin with appetizers while you relax in the living room, then move to the table to be served dinner. It really makes friends feel special when you invite them into the privacy of your home to entertain them.”

Nancy starts by asking her clients what they would like to eat and drink, how they would like the table decorated, and then she brings in her own ideas. She sources gourmet menu items from accomplished area bakers, chefs, and desert makers, and rents fine tableware and decorations when needed. She and her staff prize professionalism and discretion above all else, and her focus is her clients’ happiness.

“We go into the home with a mindset to take care of our clients,” Nancy explains. “We work to make sure our service is what our clients want. It’s very important to me that my clients feel relaxed and comfortable and are enjoying their time with their friends. My goal is to make my clients feel like they are a guest at their own party.”

Nancy has served intimate affairs for six in small condos, to lavish dinner parties in waterfront mansions. She does small weddings, parties in community centers, churches, and at the beach. Nancy draws from her network, and is always on the hunt for new makers and creators with special gifts and talents to bring to her clients. Her other services include home watch for snowbirds, home and task management, and local airport transport.

“It brings me joy to see people come together with their friends and family to celebrate life,” Nancy says. “Putting a smile on someone’s face and making them feel special, that’s my greatest gift.”

Nancy moved to Venice in 2012 from Pittsburgh with her husband, Buzz—a retired principal and football and track coach—to be closer to her parents. She used her life experiences and skills to start her local concierge business in 2014. Nancy was featured on the cover of Venice Lifestyle’s March, 2021 issue, and her daughter Bailey, a recent Venice High School graduate with aspirations in musical theater and modeling, was featured on the cover of the August, 2021 issue.  


Nancy’s tips for a perfect at-home party:

1. A party is NOT a party without music. Plan your playlist or pick a favorite station.

2. Decide the theme. Have fun with it.

3. Specify the dress code. It's your party and your decision.

4. Spend time writing a menu. Focus on foods you like and be ambitious!

5. Plan what drinks to serve; pair drinks with food.

 6. Whether cooking or catering, offer choices for your guests with dietary restrictions. 

7. Plan time for shopping and cooking, and for cleaning up.

8. It's not a party unless you are happy, cheerful & welcoming of all your guests even if you don't care too much for a friend’s ‘plus one’. 

9. Don't feel ashamed to have a start time and end time. 

10. Accept help from your guests if offered, but let your Party Assistant take care of the rest.


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