Shining Stars

The Shining Star Lifetime Achievement Award To Be Presented At The Epiphany Gala On April 16th

Article by Joyce and Troy Sacco

Photography by SRQ Headshots

Originally published in Venice Lifestyle

Joyce and Troy Sacco

Shining Star Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients

What an honor and humbling experience it is to be chosen for such a beautiful recognition.

We have been active members of Epiphany Cathedral Parish since we moved here from the Boston area 16 years ago and there have been so many wonderful Shining Stars recognized over those years, that we feel extremely honored to be considered among such a group.

Our three children, Elicia, Jillian, and Mac, have attended Catholic schools their whole lives and graduated from Epiphany Cathedral and Cardinal Mooney High School in Sarasota. Being able to learn and talk about God on a daily basis in school and having confidence in how certain moral and ethical discussions were being led, is immeasurable.

When we first moved here, we knew no one. Epiphany became like family to us.

We feel grateful and blessed that we were able to provide an excellent education for our children, that we feel compelled to continue to support Catholic education so that others may benefit as well.

Troy was a member of the Epiphany School board and of the Knights of Columbus along with his son. He also facilitates “Into The Breach” Series hosted by the Knights and is a presenter at the Men’s Emmaus Retreat.  He is also a founding member of the Epiphany Men’s Group, which raises money in support of the school.

Joyce is a member of the pastoral council for The Spirit of Love Prayer group at Epiphany where she is happy to share many stories and testimonies about the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on her life and her family’s life. “The door is open to all,” she says. She has assisted in teaching Confirmation Classes for many years at Epiphany and is a member of the Legion of Mary. 

The Sacco are Real Estate Professionals and founders of the Generous Property Real Estate Agency.


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