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Ray Gomes Tells His Story Of Eviction And Homelessness To Urge Others To Seek Help

Ray Gomes is a former member of the ALICE (Asset Limited Income Constrained Employed) population who has elected to be part of the Women United multimedia series on ALICE population success stories. You may see his story and hear more about the Eviction Prevention and Homelessness Mitigation efforts of Women United at: uwssc.org/womenunited.

Before becoming an award-winning top performer at his current job with Cutco Cutlery—a high-end knife and cutlery company—Ray experienced eviction and homelessness. Ray urges people in need to seek help and not be too proud to reach for assistance through organizations like United Way's Women United.

“I share my story how there were tough times in my life where I was facing eviction because I couldn’t get a job, couldn’t pay my bills, and had to live in my car,” Ray, 33 years old and married to his wife, Cara, explains. “That was a difficult time for me. But through changing my mindset, surrounding myself with good people, and allowing people to help me, I was able to become the person I am today. The Women United program helps people going through eviction. Sometimes you just can’t help it, things happen and it is out of your control. That moment of eviction is one of panic. You think that everything is over. But there are ways to get help.”

Women United is one of those ways. Rays urges anyone struggling to reach out to the United Way for help.

“The United Way gave me confidence that my words to people going through eviction could be a vision of power and hope,” Ray says. “I gained self-confidence and it helped me grow.” 

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