Local Farmers, Pure Flavors

A New Seattle Hot Spot: Aerlume

With sweeping views of Elliot Bay, an indoor fire table that beckons those walking by on a chilly Seattle evening, and a seasonal, locally sourced menu, Aerlume has been deemed the new hot spot for a quality restaurant experience. Perched on the hillside above Elliott Bay and steps from Pike Place Market, Aerlume shines with light, air and sweeping views of the sound and sky.

Executive Chef and Culinary Director Maggie Trujillo worked with Chef Jason Wilson to create a menu inspired by the changing array of seasonal ingredients prepared with vibrant flavors and seasons.

“Our menu is based on seasonality and local relationships with our farming partners,” Jason says. “We have developed a custom farming program at Fall City Farms which allows us to plan and grow some really special and unique ingredients.”

Maggie creatively utilizes every part of a the plant to make sure those fresh, tasty ingredients don’t go to waste.

“A fun challenge and something I really enjoy as a chef is to see how much of the plant I can utilize,” she says. “Cauliflower, for example: we can roast or pickle the florets, make purees or pasta fillings with the stems, and make kraut from the leaves.”

Describing her cooking style as “clean, comforting and creative,” Maggie and the team at Aerlume not only source locally, but also work closely with Amanda Marino at Fall City Farms to plan out specific crops that will be grown.

“With this planning, we commit to fully utilizing Amanda’s produce while in season and use preservation techniques for later seasons,” Maggie says.

This ensures a fresh and inventive menu year-round.

“Cooking with the seasons is a natural approach, and we embrace it because we believe that our commitment to quality starts with the ingredients being the best, highest quality dictated by when they are grown and when they are at their peak,” Jason says. 

With the menu already rotating a handful of times within the first few months of opening, you can continue to count on it highlighting the best bounty of the season, while keeping the majority of select main dishes the same.

Current Menu Favorites

Executive Chef Maggie Trujillo: Chicken Liver Mousse, Crispy Cauliflower, Octopus

Chef Jason Wilson: Gravlax, Short Rib, Chocolate Tart

Between the impressive menu in both creativity and quality, as well as the breathtaking landscape-inspired aesthetic, it’s no wonder Aerlume has won Seattle’s heart. With the cozy ambiance created to evoke a feeling of retreat and intimacy with earth, air, water and fire elements, it’s the perfect place to revel and enjoy all the city has to offer. Everything that makes Seattle unique and beautiful has been woven together in a sleek, cohesive experience that is Aerlume.




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