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The Art of Omakase

Trust Your Chef with this Creative Dining Tradition

Omakase sushi is a Japanese tradition of letting the chef choose your order. When you order “omakase,” it roughly means, “Chef, I trust you.”  It is considered a form of respect and a compliment to the chef when ordered and is truly a luxury experience, consisting of the best of quality and freshness. The meal can be likened to an artistic performance, where the chef can be more creative and innovative in the selection of dishes and presentation.

Ascend Prime Steak and Sushi, one of Bellevue’s newest restaurants, has thoughtfully set the tone for an exceptional omakase experience—from the design of the sushi bar to the quality of fish and experience and accolades of the sushi chef. While Ascend is mostly known for its steak and sensational views, one may not realize that their sushi counter offers a world-class experience worth a visit all on its own.

The team at Ascend is full of incredible people who are passionate about guest experience, food safety, delicious food and creating the best restaurant they possibly can. Sushi aficionados and novices alike are in good hands at Ascend’s sushi bar with their talented, highly trained and experienced staff. While there is ideal seating just about anywhere in the restaurant, the stunning sushi bar is a prime location for a more personalized experience. Observe the chef’s skill and technique as he creates fresh sushi right in front of you. Also, sushi bar seating allows you to eat the sushi as soon as it is served, which is generally considered the best way to eat it as the flavor of sushi is said to be affected the longer you wait to eat it.

Keep in mind, since you are placing your faith in the chef, you cannot choose from any selection of sushi. It is generally considered impolite to be choosy with the menu when you ask for omakase. However, if there are specific things you absolutely cannot eat or are allergic to, it's best to let the chef know beforehand. But part of the enjoyment of the experience is the opportunity to try something new and delicious that you would not have tried otherwise. In general, omakase sushi is a good balance of classic sushi rolls, the freshest sushi rolls and sometimes uncommon bits of seafood and other unique nonsushi dishes.

Omakase is a special experience for all, and the quality and service Ascend offers will leave you excited for the next time. Our favorite way to end the meal? Stick around for a cocktail or glass of wine and enjoy the sensational views. From the east, there is the lush green forest and the Cascade Range. To the south, Mount Rainer towers amid the clouds. To the west, the Seattle skyline provides a foreground for the Olympic Mountains. We’re lucky to have this world-class experience in our backyard.

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