Creative Minds

Three local artists show us that creativity comes in all forms

Art reminds us to always remember to see things in a new, unique, way.  The world is uncertain and always changing, but with the eyes of an artist, that’s ok – it’s all new inspiration.  Creativity is therapeutic for so many reasons; it encompasses experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.  It’s not a competition or perfection  - and don’t we all need a break from that?  Creative minds inspire others, and we hope the following locals inspire YOU. 

Vadim Bozhko


HODINA or “hour” (in Ukrainian) is a Bellevue-based watch brand started by Vadim Bozhko. Growing up in his father’s watch shop, Bozhko loved absorbing knowledge of watch mechanisms and aesthetics. “Taking inspiration from my father, I decided I can continue the business of ‘timepieces’ by applying my creativity to what I had learned.” In 2014 HODINA was born with the simple motto “own the hour”. In other words: this life is given to you once, spend it wisely. Bozhko is inspired by mid-century architecture, interior design, minimalism, God, nature and people.  “Minimalism applies to how I do life. To limit distraction and focus on what ‘I believe’ matters: God. It also translates into how I see the world and eventually into my product design. As you might guess, my strengths are belief, focus and execution. They make for an interesting combo.”   We live in a world inundated with technology, consumerism and media. As this world advances, Bozhko believes it’s important we adapt this idea of minimalism into our lives in some way. “It’s freeing and good for the soul. It’s what I’m passionate about now more than ever.” 

Website: www.hodina.co

Instagram: @hodina.co @bozh___

Fauzia Davis


Photography by Felicia Mae photography


Fauzia Davis is the sole owner and founder of Lamain Beauty. Lamain is a cruelty free makeup brand built on inclusivity, diversity and nontoxic products, with all products proudly made in USA. Over the last few years, Davis has been learning and educating herself about beauty and skincare, and became inspired to make change in the industry and advocate for all shades of beauty. “When I created Lamain Beauty, I was thinking beyond just someone’s skin color, but inclusive of all the human race. Everyone is beautiful and deserves to be celebrated!” says Davis.  Lamain Beauty is formulated to enhance beauty of all complexions by setting new standards to help women see and let their true beauty shine. Lamain’s primary goal is to satisfy the unique demands of all women and men, and remain true to their slogan that all their products are “THOUGHTFULLY MADE WITH YOU IN MIND”.

Davis began her journey in the beauty industry as a freelance and published model, and became frustrated with the beauty industry.  “I hated the idea that all women should look the same and how makeup artists had to mix three different shades to get my skin tone, but only to get it wrong!  So, I decided that instead of complaining about it, that I would create a solution.”  Davis stays inspired by creating her non-toxic products with purpose, inclusivity and diversity. “I feel like I’m part of a continuum of women who for centuries used whatever they had to create with a purpose. The fusion of creativity delights me!”

Website: www.lamaibeauty.com

Instagram: @Lamainbeauty


Galina Adzhigirey


Galina Adzhigirey started sketching brides in wedding dresses when she was a toddler.  She absolutely loves drawing beautiful gowns and dresses, and became inspired by two sisters from Australia, Megan and Kerrie Hess (@meganhess_official and @kerriehessillustration). “When I discovered them, I got so excited that they could do such fun art for a living, that I decided to channel that into starting my own thing!”  Galina thinks that people are incredibly amazing and she loves sketching her interpretation of them in a glamorous way. Her art is fun, cheerful and fashionable, and fashion brands have taken notice   - she has worked with David Yurman, Salvatore Ferragamo, Neiman Marcus, Kendra Scott, Nordstrom, Seattle Bride, The Bellevue Collection, JCrew, and more.   Galina also does live illustrations at fashion events, which is highly engaging for guests, and a fun piece of memorabilia for them to take home. “I started illustrating at events with watercolors, but since that took a while to dry off I transitioned into using markers, which are also more entertaining to watch. When I have extra time I’ll do some acrylic paintings, and lately it’s been more digital art on the Procreate App on the iPad.” 

Aside from being an illustrator, Galina is also a teacher, author, wife and mom. She enjoys traveling around the world with her husband and can’t wait to start traveling again. She home-schools her two daughters, which allows them to do a lot of drawing, crafts, baking, reading and taking walks.   

Website: DrawingBlueberry.com 

Instagram: @DrawingBlueberry

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