A Stroke of Happiness

Pittsburgh Native Paints Memories of Beloved Pets to Adorn Walls for a Lifetime

Pittsburgh native and artist Kait Schoeb packed up her brushes, paint tubes and canvases and traveled cross-country with her husband seven months ago to call Seattle their new home. After starting her business from the ground up nearly five years ago with a focus on large-scale paintings, Kait yearned to further evolve her work. Fast forward a few years later—after completing a painting of her cat Beanie, Kait began offering smaller paintings of people’s pets. The idea not only allowed for faster turnover and a lower price point but also opened up her market.

“I believe everyone should be able to afford an original painting that they’ll treasure,” Kait says.

Her original pet oil paintings are 6 inches by 6 inches.


What I love most about painting people’s pets is the client’s reaction. Knowing that I made something for someone that brought them so much happiness is what I live for.


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